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What is the best physician position with a family?

I want to become a physician and I've heard that it take a lot of commitment. I also want to be able to have a family and be able to spend time with them. What type of Doctor would be a good fit?...


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Would you recommend being a nurse or physician assistant?

I am a pre-nursing student who was considering physician assisting for years but decided to switch to nursing because my parents wanted me to get a degree in something I could immediately make money off of (from my bachelors). I am not sure which career to do. Any recommendations? #nursing...

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Whats the difference between a Physcian Assistant and a Nurse Practitioner?

I am so confused about the difference between a PA and a Nurse Practitioner! I know that you have to work a bit as a nurse and then go back to school for a nurse practitioner, and a PA goes to work as soon as they graduate, without having to go back to school. (I think!) Is there any other...

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Will I be at a disadvantage if I pursue a masters-level entry into nursing program instead of getting a BSN first?

I am going to Harvard in the fall to study, and they don't have a nursing program, but if I decided to pursue that career, I was wondering if it would work if I just did a direct entry program at Johns Hopkins or something or if it would be better to just go to PA school. #nursing #medical...


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Recently, i studied an article in newspaper displaying a car named "Strati". I impressed when continued to read the article because it was a world's first 3D printed car. Please tell me more about 3D printing?

That article was really fascinated me. I want to achieve something on that field. For that, I want to know more about it. Please, guide me. #physician #scientist...


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What is it like as a physician assistant?

I'm very interested in pursuing a career in the medical field originally as a physician in the hospital, but many people have told me that it's not worth going to medical school for such a long time, and to become a physician assistant instead. They listed a lot of reasons like having better...

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Looking in on going into Sports Medicine help?!?

Im looking into being a sports medicine physician and wondering what it is I really need to be if i want to go into the Hockey field, helping the athletes with their injuries. How long in school (2 year or four) and really what it is i need to become a sports medicine physician? #medicine...

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Is there a personality difference between PA's and DNP's and if so, should I consider this when making a career choice?

I understand that PA's tend to be task oriented, check it off the list, get it done and move on type of personalities vs nurses who might have a similar job description, but tend to be more compassionate and nurturing. I definitely tend to lean towards the PA type but my college of choice does...

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