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What's the procedure to do so?

I am passionate about physics and mathematics. I would like to go into research , specifically in the field of astronomy....


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How do I find an internship that involves physics?

I am a freshman in high school in the bay area, and I am fascinated by physics, but I don’t know if I want to do it as a career. I am really interested in getting more hands on experience, but I don’t know what opportunities would be available for people my age....


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As a physics major, how much do the classes I take now affect what I can do while working on a masters degree? If I major in chemistry and not computer science, could that make me ineligible for a project I would have otherwise wanted to work on?

I am majoring in physics and minoring in chemistry, and I am worried that I will not have enough engineering or computer science education by the time I graduate, since those two disciplines are tied so closely to physics....


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If I majored in physics, what job opportunities would be available to me?

My name is Anna and I am a sophomore in high school. I took the high school Physics course last year and it was my absolute favorite class I've ever taken. I'm pretty sure I want it to be my major, but I don't really know what specific jobs I can do with a major in Physics. Thanks!...


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What kind of internship opportunities should I seek as a Physics major?

I plan on transferring to the University of Central Florida after being enrolled in a state college for a year. I also plan on continuing my education past my bachelors degree and would to hope to get at least my masters. I'm very curious in what kind of internships would improve my chances of...

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What kind of jobs can I get in the future with a degree in physical sciences?

I have always wanted to go into the sciences, my junior year I took physics as a class and loved it. I've been researching majors in physics and there are many schools in my area with astounding physics programs. I'm simply unsure about what I would be able to do in the future with this type of...

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Physics or engineering?

I have been accepted to a four year college for Physics but am thinking about switching my major to engineering since there are more job opportunities as an engineer. Is this a good course of action or should I stick with what I'm passionate about - Physics? #engineer...


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Should I drop a difficult class I enjoy but find challenging and might negatively affect my G.P.A?

So, when I was younger I always thought I'd like physics and took a class this semester in college. I would love to learn the material, but had to drop it after it became apparent the class would negatively affect my G.P.A. Now I'm caught in a dilemma, do I take the class again next semester...

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How did you start to work in NASA?

I'll be attending UC Santa Barbara and I'll be majoring in physics with a minor in astronomy. I hope to work in the astronomy field but I have no idea how to get started. #astronomy #physics...


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What is like in the life of an aerospace engineer?

I'm interested in math and science, especially physics and an aerospace engineer is something that combines those subjects that I love. So I just wanted to know how is it like as an aerospace engineer. #physics...


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How can one get the most exposure during the first year of college, in order to make an educated decision when choosing the major/minor?

At 18 I might have a target in life, but not necessarily a clear path of how to get there. When attending a technical university that has over 100 engineering majors, what can a student do to get the best exposure to such a wide variety of courses and labs, in order to make sure he didn't miss...

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I want to take the SAT Physics subject test. What should I study?

I am currently taking Physics as a junior. I do pretty well in the class. However, I don't know if I should wait until my senior year after I have taken AP Physics or take it this junior year. I have seem the practice questions on the AP central college board website and they seem pretty...

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are ethical issues encountered in physics

in experimental physics how do u coup with what ur research is used for like with albert einstien and the nuclear bomb and if u can coup with it is it fun seeing stuff explode in ur lab . #physics...


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