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Are unpaid internships worth it?

I'm currently a full time student working at a part time job. I'm currently looking for an internship to work in the public health field, but I noticed that most of them are unpaid and demand a significant amount of dedication. I understand that internships are extremely important for career...

#money-management #personal-finance #career-counseling #problem-solving #publichealth #internships


Active Dec 04 '17 at 20:52

3 answers

Posted by Cecilia P.
Dhairya Dalal | NLP and Machine Learning @ Talla Hi Cecilia, Great question. I empathize, I also worked while I ...

What will you do if your co-worker has been procrastinating, which impact your work?

Interview Question. Is there a correct answer for this? #communication #interviews #human-resources #problem-solving...



Active Apr 03 at 08:09

4 answers

Posted by Cindy L.
Dhairya Dalal | NLP and Machine Learning @ Talla Great question. As with most interview questions, there is no right ...

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