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How to speak in Hindi ?

Hai i am poomitha i want to speak in Hindi but i do know how to speak in Hindi language? #professor #student...


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Should I drop a difficult class I enjoy but find challenging and might negatively affect my G.P.A?

So, when I was younger I always thought I'd like physics and took a class this semester in college. I would love to learn the material, but had to drop it after it became apparent the class would negatively affect my G.P.A. Now I'm caught in a dilemma, do I take the class again next semester...

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What is the required GPA to go from Bachelor to Phd?

One of friend told me there is a way of going from a bachelor degree to a PhD but he not sure about the GPA requirements....


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What does studying "business" actually mean?

I am the type of person that enjoys history and writing...not exactly the "business" type. However, I feel pressured to study that in college and I want to know just how creative the major can be. #business...


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Is it worth it to become a college professor?

Considering that this is a likely profession for what I am interested in, what is your experience being a professor? Has living on/near campus and teaching kids been worth it? I'm particularly interested in research. #professor...


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What would be the appropriate way to get in touch with the professors in school?

Most of time, when we apply for scholarship or grad. school, it requires to have a letter of recommendation from professors, but it is not an easy thing to make the professors remember all of their students. I am wondering how I can make my professor know and remember me. #professor...


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