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As an aspiring entrepreneur, how important is learning to code and what are some of the best websites, programs, or online schools for learning the skill?

I am interested in entrepreneurship but time and time again I put an idea aside because I dont know how to code, and have not yet fleshed out my idea enough to begin a seed round for funding for a coder. #computer-software #programming #coding...



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Posted by Aukai E.’s Avatar Aukai E.
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abhi Kumar | Technician at Dell There many different options to learn to code online. A good ...

As a computer scientist/programmer, is there anything you would change about the environment of your job?

Do you find the place you work at stressful or comforting? Any windows? Lots of room or are you in a cubicle? I would like to have an understanding of how the working atmosphere will likely be within the computer science field. #computer-science #computer-software #computer...

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Posted by Ryan J.’s Avatar Ryan J.
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Joanne Mammarelli | Systems Engineer A big trend of late is the concept of open floor ...
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