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Programming specifics

I've been learning programming and I've got the basics of c++ and java. But I recently learned that there are a lot more fields of programming whether it's javascript or python or html. So can someone tell me the difference between the fields and recommend which fields I should learn quickly...


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How do I program?

I need some help with programming in general since my classmates won't let me even try to work on any programing because I accidently erased a 15 line basic code and they had a little fit about it and now I barely even now how to code because they had to get all upset about it but when one ask...


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Programmers, which IDE do you use?

Currently I am using Sublime Text 3 although XCode can be used to edit JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Obj-C, etc.. files. I use ST3 because it is really slick and customizable. Do companies require you to use IDEs? If so, which IDE and is there a specific reason? If not, which IDE do you use? Is...


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What is the worst kind of day in your job in software engineering?

I wonder if there's something bad about being in software engineering. What's the worst thing about your job in the form of a day that might be really tough for you or unpleasant? I do not want to tell you what my guess is, because I want to know what the real answer is based on your...


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Will my contributions to open source software look good on a resume?

I am a college student pursuing a degree in computer information technology. I currently work part time as an I.T. consultant, but I may pursue programming as a career post graduation. In my spare time, I enjoy contributing code to open source software on GitHub and Launchpad. Will my...

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Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Software Engineering?

I want to pursue a career involving programming/ software development but i'm not sure what degree to study in university. The two courses I have found that would lead to a career in my desired field are Bachelor of Computer Science ( or...

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Where can I learn high level Objective C for free?

I'm currently working as an intern in a company that is using Objective C but I don't know a lot of Objective C. To be more exact I would like a course that teaches me how to use Objective C to draw a the front end of a phone application. I had been depending on Code School and Code Academy...

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How do you know if you would love a programming career?

Hi, I'm currently a student considering a major in computer science. I love programming and have done it since I was a child (literally child, started in 5th grade) but I recently applied and started working at a start-up company and have been hating it. I can't tell if this is because I am...

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Should I Focus On One Programming Language Or More?

I have learned the basics Java and Visual Basic in school. Should I try to master one language or add more to my repertoire? I have been contemplating learning C# and Python. #computer-software...


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Different fields of programming

I'm a high school student with many interests for jobs. Programming is one field that I've been looking in to recently, but I'm not sure what sort of jobs programming can get you. I've learned the basics of c programming and is going in to java, javascript, etc. What are some good paying jobs...

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Finding internships as a high schooler, especially at big tech companies, is hard. What are some tips for scoring internships at credible locations? #programming #tech...


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