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How involved are Mechanical Engineers involved in the production process of a new design?

I like to do a lot of hands-on work and didn't want to enter a field where it was mostly computer designing. #mechanical-engineering #project-management...



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Active Mar 04 at 18:42

3 answers

Posted by Charles C.’s Avatar Charles C.
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Marcelo Teixeira | Helping Customers Innovate and Run SAP Solutions Efficiently, ... Hi Charles, on top of Shoshana's answer (and also to exemplify ...

What abilities or personal qualities do you believe contribute most to success in this field/job?

generally what would be the best qualities that regardless all employers look for #computer-software #management #programming...



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11 answers

Posted by Abbas E.’s Avatar Abbas E.
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Peter Van Dyck | Country Opportunity Manager - Dell Belgium (Global Proposals ... Be willing to learn all the time, even when it's outside ...

What is the difference between consulting and investment banking?

How are consulting (increasing efficiency) and investment banking (identifying trends) similar and/or dissimilar? Is there a significant cultural difference between working at an IB as opposed to a consulting firm? #investment-management #project-management...



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6 answers

Posted by Parker W.’s Avatar Parker W.
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Kalyan C. Mutyala | Scientist | Mechanical Engineer | Tribologist | Mentor ... Hi Parker, Consulting and Investment Banking are two different career paths. ...

How is supply chain of companies with the advancement of technology?

I am a supply chain major and i want to know if i should do a minor in Information Systems to make myself more marketable #project-management #suppl...



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Active Aug 17 at 12:27

3 answers

Posted by Rida A.’s Avatar Rida A.
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E. L. Davis | Improving Business with Innovative Solutions and Experience Rida A., I am not a supply chain expert. I've worked ...

How long does it take for one to complete their Bachelor's?

I was counted the amount of time I will spend in school after High school. I was considering going into Information Technology Management. How long is the schoolimg in terms of getting your bachelors and masters degree? #information-technology-and-services #project-management #help #BS...



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4 answers

Posted by Zoya H.’s Avatar Zoya H.
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Brian Newman | Associate Director at Verizon Depending on where you live and agreement with local colleges, you ...

Which skills do I need to work in management

I'm thinking about having a career in management, specially in the communication industry. I enjoy looking the big picture, organizing work, and looking for people rather than looking. My aim is to have the opportunity to work in a big company like Verizon, AT&T. Frankly I'm pretty shy...

#communications #management #project-management #verizon


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12 answers

Posted by Igor A.’s Avatar Igor A.
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Allison Reppe | Senior Associate at PwC Hi Igor, I have met many different managers during my career ...

What does the average day of an Engineering Manager consist of?

I am a junior in high school, and I am looking to pursue a Master's Degree in Engineering Management. Before I commit, I am looking to form a clear picture of the daily duties and responsibilities of Engineering Managers. To any engineering manager specifically, or even any engineer in...

#engineering #management #project-management #engineering-management


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Active Apr 03 at 14:39

4 answers

Posted by Dylan G.’s Avatar Dylan G.
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David Johnson | Sr. Manager - IT Network Hi Dylan. The primary role of any manager is resource management. ...
Simon Robson’s Avatar
Simon Robson | Retired Engineering Manager with limited consultation I was a piping designer for many years and still enjoy ...

What are the major rewards aside from extrinsic rewards such as money, fringe benefits, travel, etc.?

some perks besides the general ones #computer #management #leadership #project-management...



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7 answers

Posted by Abbas E.’s Avatar Abbas E.
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Claire Shields | Services & Operations Hi Abbas. There are numerous benefits beyond the basics you mention. ...

Is there such a thing as too much ambition? How do I decide what activities i should put effort into most?

I have a lot of ideas and interests, but not all of them fall in line with my career aspirations. This is a general question for experienced ambitious people. Im a student aspring to become a clinical psychologist, but I also want to be involved in politics, and i have numerous hobbies. What...

#arts #project-management #psychology #business #higher-education #time-management #politics


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5 answers

Posted by Elliott V.’s Avatar Elliott V.
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Kari Homan | Sr. Consultant, Program Managment Office I never think there is such a thing as too much ...

What type of businesses offer programs to teach customer service, project management, or team-work?

I am planning to go into system administrations and wonder what types of programs I will have to attend to obtain the job and/or put on my resume. #project-management #resume-writing #customer-service #team-leadership #system-administration...



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Active Oct 04 '17 at 09:17

6 answers

Posted by Brandon H.’s Avatar Brandon H.
Carl Manson Jr., PMP’s Avatar
Carl Manson Jr., PMP | Principal Engineer Hi Brandon. Great question! So you want to know about organizations ...

What are some entry-level jobs that could lead to becoming a project manager?

I am a high school senior with a special interest in business. I hope to one day become a project manager at a company, but as I am looking at colleges and majors, I am wondering what steps lie in between graduating college and reaching a project manager position. I was wondering what some...

#entry-level #management #business #logistics-management #project-management #career-path


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14 answers

Posted by Emily M.’s Avatar Emily M.
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Jay Sampat | Technology Consultant at PwC I believe a job as an entry level consultant would be ...

How and Where to gain Industry Project Management experience as a volunteer, while still working in academia?

I am a postdoc fellow in life sciences. I have been in a lab doing bench work for years and this is not as much fun and exciting as it used to be. Now, I am looking at my options, trying to figure out what my next move should be; I have just started learning on my own what PM is and would...

#project-management #science #certified-project-manager #portfolio-management #pharmaceuticals #biotechnology #life-sciences


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4 answers

Posted by Oliver E.’s Avatar Oliver E.
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Simon Robson | Retired Engineering Manager with limited consultation I'm glad you are interested in Project Management and have started ...

What type of qualifications do I need to become an administrative assistant or manager?

I have basic certifications for Microsoft Office and am attending college for a degree in Information Systems Technology, but I wonder what all I can do with that degree in terms of network management and administration. #management #information-technology #administration #project-management...

#microsoft-office #network-administration


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5 answers

Posted by Brandon H.’s Avatar Brandon H.
Jessica Pineda, PMP’s Avatar
Jessica Pineda, PMP | Training Coordinator, Website Administrator at Dell Inc Experience. The best thing about an IS degree is that its ...

Will working jobs outside of the field Im majoring in be beneficial to my career in the long run?

I want to become a psychologist but the work available to me has nothing to do with psychology. Can working at target or safeway while im in college help further my career? #college #psychology #art #higher-education #politics...



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Active Aug 14 at 22:03

6 answers

Posted by Elliott V.’s Avatar Elliott V.
Kari Homan’s Avatar
Kari Homan | Sr. Consultant, Program Managment Office Yes! Any chance to expand your knowledge will help you in ...

What is the role and responsibilities of a project manager at a nonprofit organization?

I want to work for a nonprofit organization and I am trying to figure out what position would be best suited for me. #project-management #nonprofits #non-profit #non-profits...



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5 answers

Posted by Alayna B.’s Avatar Alayna B.
Callie Richey’s Avatar
Callie Richey | Sr Program Manager Great question! I have found that it really depends on where ...

Hotel Industry

I have many business endeavors I want to partake on. However my bumber one goal is getting into the hotel/motel industry. I want to own a chain of motels possibly and then move on to hotels. Im 22, college freshman. Any advice on how to make this dream a reality? What steps can I take?...

#management #business #business-development #economics #entrepreneurship #project-management #hospitality #hotels


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:49

3 answers

Posted by Tyler W.’s Avatar Tyler W.
Ajay Yagnik’s Avatar
Ajay Yagnik | Consulatant - Hospitality Industry Hello Tyler, You have a dream and that will take you ...

What is it like being an electrical engineer

Im studying information technology in college but I'm thinking about being an electrical engineer what is it like being an EE. #career #electrical-engineering #japan #project-management #cad #electric #south #hvac...



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4 answers

Posted by Leion E.’s Avatar Leion E.
Cody Jones’s Avatar
Cody Jones | Software Application Engineer at Workday Hi Leion, I studied electrical engineering, switched to Computer Engineering (a ...

What is more important: Programming Languages or Bilingual Languages when it comes to Information Technology in Business?

Currently, I am earning a degree in Information Systems Technology but plan on going into a transferable degree. What I am leaning towards is working as an administrative assistant and working my way up in the business world. Although, I am a little curious on what would suit the job better....

#system-administration #it-management #information-technology #business-management #office-administration #project-management #bilingual #computer-programming


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4 answers

Posted by Brandon H.’s Avatar Brandon H.
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Karla Valcarcel Martinez | Computer Engineer Hi, Brandon! Here's my advice, try to focus on expanding your ...

If you were your own manager for one day, what would you change?

If you were in charge of the department you work in for one day, what would you do differently? Would it be something with the actual work you do, or the place you work in? Thanks for your time! #career-choice #change-management #project-management #professional-training #computer-software...

#healthcare #telecommunications #law #information-technology


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10 answers

Posted by Angelina P.’s Avatar Angelina P.
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Joanne Mammarelli | Systems Engineer To be honest, I would keep it simple and have an ...
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