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Do you ever get boerd with your job?

I want to become a psychiatrist mainly because I have always wanted to push myself in a topic I am generally interested in. I loved every second of Chemistry and I also love learning about Psychology. I just want to know if you ever get bored of working this job. If someone who is similar with...

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What is the most benificial college for a psychology degree? Also, what degree is the most benificial?

I'm trying to choose a degree in psychology. I am not sure if it would be better to get a higher degree and do more schooling or just an average degree with less schoolling. Also, I am not sure what college would be the best for this degree. I've heard a lot of good news with Wisconsin and...

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If i want to get my PHD, and I am graduating from High School this year, how and when should I begin to study for the MCAT's?

I want to be come a Psychiatrist, hopefully one that specializes in developmental psychiatry. I know that if I must become a psychiatrist i have to go into medical school which of course will take me many years until i get my PHD. I know i have a lot of work ahead of me, and i just want to be...

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What are some good jobs to have or experiences to get after undergrad to boost your medical school application?

I'm about to be a senior in college and I really want to go to med school to become a psychiatrist. Psychology has been my passion since I was a junior in high school, so 4 years now. Psychiatry really interests me because I love looking at the brain, and the ever-changing field will fuel my...

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I am pursuing a major in psychology this fall, what would be a wise minor to get along with a psychology major?

I understand that it is difficult to get a good career in psychology without at least master's degree (even doctorate, PhD, or PsyD). I want to make myself employable while I am in the progress of getting one of those higher degrees in psychology. I want to minor in something else, so I have...

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What does work as a psychiatrist entail?

I enrolled as a psychology major at Rutgers and am interested in pursuing a career as a psychiatrist but am unsure if this is the right choice for me. I am more interested in the science and research aspect of this field rather than the communication aspect. Should I look into another career...

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If I want to become a psychiatrist, should I major in biology in college with the pre-med track or psychology with the pre-med track?

I want to become either a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist. I know that to become a clinical psychologist you don't have to go to medical school but to become a psychiatrist you do have to attend medical school. Is it better for me to major in psychology or biology if I want to get into...

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How long does it take me to reach my doctorate degree in psychology? Is it benefical for me to get a Psy. D in psychology or a Ph. D in psychology at the end? Should I double major biology and psychology in college to give myself an edge when applying t

I am going to attend stony brook university in the coming fall to major in psychology. My career aspiration is to become a psychologist or a psychiatrist so I can help people with mental disorders. I don't know whether or not if I should double major psychology and biology or chemistry in...

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