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the coditions for changing major from computer science to psychology

hi, i wanted to know more about the terms and conditions for changing major. i have a bachelor degree in computer science but i figured i really want to study psychology for master. but i don't know the conditions for this change of field. is it possible to start psychology from master ? what...

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Posted by jasmine V.’s Avatar jasmine V.
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Austin L. | PwC Experienced Associate, Advisory Jasmine, good question. The answer to your question could be both ...

Does knowing psychology or sociology help when teaching?

My goal is to be a teacher but I'm also interested in psychology and sociology and wonder if having a background in those would help me understand my students better. #teaching #psychology-education #sociology...



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Posted by Sabrina K.’s Avatar Sabrina K.
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Kim Igleheart | Employment Counselor | Open Records Specialist Sabrina,Having a background in Sociology or Psychology definitely helps you in ...

As a school psychologist, how likely is it that I would not only test the students, but work with them following a diagnosis?

I want to be a school psychologist, because it involves my three biggest passions: children, learning, and psychology. I ask this question because I have heard that in some instances, school psychologists that work in school systems are only able to administer tests, but are not able to provide...

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Posted by Skylar B.’s Avatar Skylar B.
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Linda Ann Robinson, Ph.D. | Industrial-Organizational Psychology & HR Consulting To Jessica's answer I would like to add the following:The course ...

I want to join the BAU that's the only job I'm passionate about. Please help

I really want to get into the BAU and I would take the extra mile to get into it. Ever since I started watching Criminal Minds. I wanted to get a job as a profiler. The only problem is that they take US citizens only. I am an Indian and I know that they don't portray the BAU as the way it is....

#swat #sociology #criminal-profiling #behavioral-health #psychology-education


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Posted by Jessica J.’s Avatar Jessica J.
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David George | Psychic Detective at David George Psychic/Medium I started my first career, inspired by a TV show. The ...

What can I do with a psychology major?

I am really interested in studying psychology but I would also like to work with young children. How can I incorporate these two things into a career path? #psychology #psychotherapy #child-development #child-psychology #cognitive-psychology...



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Posted by Kelly L.’s Avatar Kelly L.
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Linda Ann Robinson, Ph.D. | Industrial-Organizational Psychology & HR Consulting Hello Kelly, Psychology is a wonderful discipline to study and there ...

What are the subjects needed for psychology?

I need to choose a career! #psychology #psychology-education...



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Posted by Vanessa E.’s Avatar Vanessa E.
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Linda Ann Robinson, Ph.D. | Industrial-Organizational Psychology & HR Consulting While I agree with the response given by Ms. Silva, if ...

How to start learning about a career path?

I finished my BA in Psychology and I'm interested in counseling, yet I don't have any experience or know anyone in the field. How do I get started learning about it? Or for that matter any career path I'm interested in? #career #career-path #careers #career-choice #learning #start #psychology...

#counseling #psychology-education


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Posted by Garima J.’s Avatar Garima J.
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Debra Dukes | Graduate Faculty - Research As others have stated, a counseling career can take several paths ...
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