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What does a record producer do, how much do they make, and is it a good start- up job for someone who likes music and art?

I am very interested in record production and I really want to know what it is like to be one. #music-recording...



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14 answers

Posted by Leigh L.’s Avatar Leigh L.
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Daniela Silva | Educational Writer- New Heights Educational Group Leigh, The Record Producer has one of the most sought-after careers ...

How can I start my own record label?

I love music and theater. I want to create new music through the trades I learn in the future and use that to become a better musician. I want to be an entrepreneur and once I learn about sound editing I would love to get good and start my own business. #business #music #entrepreneurship...

#record-labels #sound-editing


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2 answers

Posted by Deron T.’s Avatar Deron T.
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Travis (J Torah) Johnson | Ceo/Artist of Seek More Knowledge Music Group How to start your own label. First thing girst is completing ...

If I want to work at a record company in their PR division, how do I get started?


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3 answers

Posted by Abi R.’s Avatar Abi R.
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Barb Gam Tagge | Senior Manager, Internal Communications and Change at PwC Abi, That's a great question, and one that requires a little ...

Any business advice for a young entrepreneur who wants to open their own record label?

I want to start up my own record label and be successful in the music industry, how would I go about such an idea? #music-production #music-business #anything-related-to-music-business...



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Posted by Jacklyn H.’s Avatar Jacklyn H.
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