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What's sorts of jobs should I be looking for if I just received my Masters in Criminal Justice in Homeland Security?

I want to know what terms or words I should be looking towards to obtain a career in my new field. I don't care if its government or a company or even a social impact group because I would get the chance to help people also while getting some sort of experience in my field. Especially, when I am c

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Is it worth paying a decent amount of money to participate in a job fair?

I have an opportunity to attend a job fair, but for one day, the amount seems to be a little extreme. I just wanted to know are these expenses worth it considering the connections one may make. Especially when the job fair is Women in Aviation and my Master's degree is in Criminal Justice in Homela

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How should I prepare myself for a first job? How do I organize my resume, if I'm a minor, preparing to apply for my first job?

As of a month ago, I officially turned 16, which has given me a broader base of jobs to go after and apply for. I'd like to start applying for jobs, and hopefully, work a steady job before I turn 17, so I can develop my resume history and work-place skills. But all the jobs near me require experienc

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Does certificates from online courses like edX and Udemy give you a competitive edge when applying for jobs?

I am a fresh graduate who loves to learn new things everyday. I have passion for programming. However I only have a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and no minors. My passion for programming only began when I started to involve in design projects and my final year project also involved coding. If

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