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How do you cope with regret?

There is an endless variety of jobs available, from software engineer, to anesthesiologist, to landscape architect. Most people are not simply skilled in one area, but in multiple arenas of study. There are many times I have overheard conversations of jobholders wishing they had entered this...

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Active May 17 at 15:57

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Posted by Samuel A.’s Avatar Samuel A.
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Michelle Bradley | Assurance Associate at PwC Regret can be an inevitable part of life. We're always going ...

What is one thing that college DOES NOT teach you for your career?

College provides you with the set of knowledge and skills in order to succeed in your career. 4 years of experience sets you up for life, but some things must be missed. Simply put, it would be great to be enlightened about what college does or cannot teach students for their career. Please...

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Posted by Beecher C.’s Avatar Beecher C.
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James Baker | Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn The one thing that college does not teach your for your ...
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