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What is the hardest part about being a nurse while being married to an Army man?

I am trying to prepare to be the best nurse and wife possible. I know that the Army will move us frequently and take him away often. #armystrong...



Active Mar 20 at 09:28

1 answers

Posted by Cassandra K.
Jacob Schwarber | Assurance Associate Hi, Cassandra. That is a great question and, as a former ...
Ashish Malhotra | Philosopher,writer,educator Hellos,The strength of any individual is their tolerance and patience level.How ...

Is it better to go to a community college or junior college first or go straight a 4 year college?

There is a community college in the city I live in and they have a nursing program that is good, but I want to get that college experience of meeting others and getting the right knowledge and right college experience from the RIGHT college for the career path of Nursing. #registerednurse...

#medicine #whichpath


Active Apr 27 at 16:13

2 answers

Posted by Chrishaun T.
Blake R. Nelson, BSRT, (R)(T),ARRT | Sr. Radiation Therapist at The US Oncology Network You may as well get your basics out of the way ...
Jeanne Frobose, RN | REGISTERED NURSE Hi Meira!"Congratulations for choosing the Nursing profession! Now let's get you ...

Should I become a nurse or teacher?

I'm torn between the two professions and would really appreciate some guidance! #nursing #teaching #education #educator #registered-nurses #registered-nursing #registerednurse #teacher #teachers...



Active Apr 04 at 08:11

3 answers

Posted by Mireia R.
Victoria German | Sr. Mgr. Ntwrk Security & HSO Member Hi Mireia, this is such a great question! I can tell ...

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