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What college courses should someone wanting to pursue robotics engineering take so that they are well prepared for the future

I will be beginning college in a few months giving the fact that I am completing my last year of high school and I would like to pursue a job in the robotics engineering line of work and I was wondering what classes I should take so that I will be best prepared for my future to come. #robotics...


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Have there been any constructed robots that can dance hip-hop?

I am a dancer at Visions Dance Studio for four years now and I have been studying hip-hop and I would love to coordinate some dance moves to a robot since I already show an interest in Robotics. It's already a goal of mine to construct my first robot and I was thinking of a dancing robot with...

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How many people do you need on a team to construct and program a robot drone?

I am asking this question because one of my career interests is in Robotics and I want to get an idea of how many people I would be working with to construct a functioning robot drone. I have always wanted to construct one and I just want to see how many people would be with me to make it a...

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How is a career in Robotics? Is it painstaking? And is it a career worth pursuing?

I am currently taking IT courses, I was looking into careers which I would be interested in, such as Robotics when I researched the type of work. I just wanted a job which was extremely interesting to me as well as used skills in IT which I could incorporate. I'm a problem-solving lover who...

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What would be a better choice for me to choose robotic engineering or mechanical engineering?

I have participated in the robotics club at my school all four years of my high school life, it is something that I have grown to love and I am curious on what would be better if I was wanting to pursue something in the same line of work. #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineer #robotics...


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How much Math does really play into being a robotics engineer?

I love the engineering field, but I am not good at any of the math part that comes into play. I know that I am only in Highschool, and the fact being that my mindset of math is just to plug and play formulas. I don't want to think about it, just get it done. If I was to become a robotics...

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What is it like to be on a robotics team?

At this moment I am interested in robotics, so I was just wondering what is going to happen as someone joins a robotics team at their high school or college. In my high school, we do not have a robotics team, but we do have the technology student association. I wanted to know what there is to...

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What companies similar to Boeing offer High School Student Internships?

I plan to persue a career in Robotics Engineering and I want to apply for an Internship at some places like Google, JPL, or any company that deals with machine learning or robotics. The only problem I face is that I am a high school student and all I find are opportunities for university...

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What kind of jobs go with Robotics?

I'm in my sophomore year of high school, and I want to major in Robotics. I have a college I want to go to, George Tech. I'm wondering what does a M.D. in Robotics do in life, and what jobs can I get with a M.D. in Robotics. I have 2 years to plan, so if Robotics doesn't work out for me I have...

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What other branches of studies should Information Security students look into?

I've interned with Citibank for the past few years and I had an opportunity to work with the cyber security team. With the majors I have been advised to pursue they all lead to computer science. As a college freshmen I don't have to make the final decision but I was wondering if anyone in the...

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In college, I was planning on pursuing a double major. I was planning on obtaining a PhD in astrophysics and a bachelors in robotics engineering. I was wondering: how hard would this be and would it even be possible?

I was planning on obtaining this degree so I would have a back-up plan in life. If one career fell through, I could rely on the other. I find both subjects really interesting to me and I would like to make possible careers out of them. In the best case scenario, I could possibly find a career...

#astrophysics #double-major #robotics-engineer #robotics #physics

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