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How do I adjust when going to college out of state?

I am moving from Texas to California for college and I was wondering what are some good ways to adjust to my new setting and still be successful in school? How do I beat home sickness? How should I make new friends? And how do all these factors help me keep up with my college goals?...

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What are some scholarships I could apply to that are not frauds?

In school they never speak about how we apply for scholarships, they only teach core lessons and prepare us for testing. We hardly ever hit other important topics in life that should be taught as well. For example doing taxes, applying for school loans, buying/renting a home, etc. Things we...

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Are extroverted people the most successful?

Throughout high school, I noticed that most teachers prefer a student that is loud and opinionated. Me on the other hand, would be loud when it came to talking with my friends and family. Are the students that speak up and talk the people who in the future become the most successful? #school...

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What is a good way to manage your time?

I want to be able to manage my time wisely through college and my possible career choice. Being able to manage my time will allow me to equally distribute time through my activities and finish any assignment given to me. #college #management...


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