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Will my contributions to open source software look good on a resume?

I am a college student pursuing a degree in computer information technology. I currently work part time as an I.T. consultant, but I may pursue programming as a career post graduation. In my spare time, I enjoy contributing code to open source software on GitHub and Launchpad. Will my...

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What should I pay attention to or do as an intern, especially as a computer science major aspiring to be a software engineer?

I will be working on application development as an intern and am looking for advice on networking/opportunities I should look for/people I should talk to/specific topics or projects I should get ask to get involved in/how to establish relationship with manager etc. #computer #software...


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How much would a masters degree in computer science benefit me if I want to be a software engineer in the near future but unsure in the long run?

I am a computer science major junior, and right now I am considering if I should pursue a BS/MS 5-year program offered at my school. I am considering working as a software engineer but am unsure about my long-term professional goals. #engineer #computer...


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