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Will a TI-84 or similar graphing calculator ever come in handy in software development, or will I only ever need it for school?

I'm curious whether it would make more sense to sell my TI-84 when I'm done with the math classes for my degree, or to hold onto it. #computer-science #computer-software #software-engineering #computer-programming #software-development...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:51

5 answers

Posted by Eric B.’s Avatar Eric B.
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Kathy Wen | Head of Customer Assurance Program APJC at Cisco Truthfully, I only used a graphing calculator in high school & ...

What books would be helpful in understanding more about software development for applications?

The reason I am asking is because I wanted to try out a sample project of working with applications in software development. I wanted to know of some good book reads to know more about the process. Also if I could get any advice if I were to code everything in java, like any helpful advice for...

#software-design #computer-programming #java-development #mobile-applications #software-development


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3 answers

Posted by Gloria S.’s Avatar Gloria S.
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Mark Montz | Wireless Network Architect, HLR - Jasper Wireless Hi! You are doing this the right way in looking at ...

I'm thinking of learning how to develop mobile apps. Which is more valuable to companies iOS or Android? I

I can't decide which operating system to focus on. #software #software-development #software-engineer #android #ios #mobile...



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7 answers

Posted by Blessed Joshua  G.’s Avatar Blessed Joshua G.
Brian Mayo’s Avatar
Brian Mayo | Director, Mobile Engineering and Architecture at Elsevier In my role and with my company, we staff both an ...

What should I do to get an internship during winter break?

I am a rising junior majoring in Computer Engineering. I would like to use my winter break effectively by getting an relevant internship to occupy that time. I've heard that's it's incredibly difficult to do so, though. I've been googling "software development winter break internships" and...

#internship #career-development #career #software-development #computer-engineering #technology #internships


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2 answers

Posted by Cassia T.’s Avatar Cassia T.
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Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential Let me tell your about an interesting internship experience: During my ...

Which college is preferred for an undergraduate student for computer science courses ?

Respected @lionel Silberman @ollie Jones and @matt Manuel sir , I am a student from India I am sure that after my high school I will be studying in any country other than india so I was a bit confused about which country and which college would be best for me as I am a 85-95 % scorer and...

#software-engineering #computer-software #engineering #game-development #software-development


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5 answers

Posted by Tushar G.’s Avatar Tushar G.
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Peter Sturtevant | Retired Civil Engineer I may be biased, since I attended this university, but the ...

software engineering

Dear sir i would like to know about software engineering course and want to know it falls under which category IT COMPUTER SCIENCE OR any other.... I am 12 passed non medical.. If i want to do diploma in software engineering do i have to take admission in DOPLOMA IN IT??? DO REPLY ME...

#students #professor #information-technology #software-engineering #software-development #computer-science


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2 answers

Posted by Satyajit J.’s Avatar Satyajit J.
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Iliya Koreshev | Senior Software Engineer at Zynga Software engineering courses usually fall under Computer Science degrees. I have ...

Software Engineer

I'm a first year college student majoring in Computer Science. How to get a software engineering internship? What experiences or skills do I need to get an internship from a huge company like Google or Apple? #computer-science #computer #software #software-development #software-engineer #google...



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5 answers

Posted by Blessed Joshua  G.’s Avatar Blessed Joshua G.
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Daniel Moy | Google Software Engineer For Google specifically, it helps if you have some coding experience, ...

Why would it be a good idea to become a video game designer?

I want to know a few good reasons that would support the career choice of becoming a video game designer. #computer-software #computer #software #video-games #software-development #computer-games #video-production...



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5 answers

Posted by Thomas G.’s Avatar Thomas G.
Ricardo Latorre’s Avatar
Ricardo Latorre | Creative Director at Chasse Consulting: Sales Strategies, Inc. Hi Thomas, ok so I'm gonna give you a pretty simple ...

What is the best laptop for a student pursuing to be a software engineer

I am a first year Computer Science Major. And I am also taking the Android Basics Nanodegree by Google. #computer-science #computer #software #programming #software-development #software-engineer...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:36

4 answers

Posted by Blessed Joshua  G.’s Avatar Blessed Joshua G.
Ian Gudger’s Avatar
Ian Gudger | Software Engineer at Google I recommend Linux. Almost all engineers at Google do their development ...

What are the requirements for studying software development?

I was hoping for someone's advice for studying software development in general. I always wondered what would have to be done when someone decides to pursue software development. #software-engineering #software-development #courses #software-design...



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3 answers

Posted by Gloria S.’s Avatar Gloria S.
Joe LaFerriere’s Avatar
Joe LaFerriere | Product Technologist - Dell Solutions Excellence Center Gloria...I will offer you a slightly different perspective. As stated above, ...

How does someone create a software?

When I think of software, I think of it to be very complicated and out of my league. I wanted to know of someone's knowledge with this kind of thing. I wanted to know how someone could possibly create a functioning software. #software #software-engineering #software-development...

#software-documentation #software-design


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4 answers

Posted by Gloria S.’s Avatar Gloria S.
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Ripon Ghosh | Profesional Hi Gloria, Software is a general term for the various kinds ...

what are the skills required to become a junior front end web developer?

I'm a computer science student looking to start a career as a front end web developer #software #software-engineering #software-development #web-development #website-creation #frontend-developer...



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4 answers

Posted by preethi M.’s Avatar preethi M.
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Eric Willisson | Software Engineer at Google Hi! Being a Computer Science student is a good start. Being ...

What life style choices might you have to take to be a video game designer?

I want to know what choices in life would be good choices to become a video game designer. #computer-science #computer-software #video-games #software-engineering #software-development #video-game-design #video-production...



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4 answers

Posted by Thomas G.’s Avatar Thomas G.
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Brendan Thorne | Senior Game Designer at Bungie This site shows a list of studios in most areas ...
Ian Gudger’s Avatar
Ian Gudger | Software Engineer at Google What Wolf Alpha said is very true, however I would like ...

Any Tips for someone learning Mobile App Development? Specifically for Android


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4 answers

Posted by Blessed Joshua  G.’s Avatar Blessed Joshua G.
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David Mosey | Helping Students "Get Real" About Their Future I just got some great advice from a very smart colleague ...

What are good ways for a recent graduate to make up for lack of experience when trying to get their first job in computer programming?

I will be graduating soon, and due to personal circumstances and the local economy, I've been unable to get an internship. I worry that this will prevent me from getting a good job when I graduate. How can I make up for this lack of experience on my resume? #computer-software #software...

#job-application #programming #information-technology #hiring #software-engineering #software-development #personal-development #career-details


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5 answers

Posted by Eric B.’s Avatar Eric B.
Larry Arthurton (N4YWN)’s Avatar
Larry Arthurton (N4YWN) | Global Services Manager at Dell I agree with Ron here with his statement "Don't let a ...

Will the push for STEM education threaten the future of the arts and humanities?

Creative arts and entertainment, will it be taken over by STEM? #computer-science #computer-software #computer #money #artist #software-development #fine-art...



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3 answers

Posted by Anik B.’s Avatar Anik B.
Ajay Narayanan’s Avatar
Ajay Narayanan | Client Technical Support Sr. Associate at Dell Hi, Not at all. A number of groups from the creative ...

As a computer scientist/programmer, is there anything you would change about the environment of your job?

Do you find the place you work at stressful or comforting? Any windows? Lots of room or are you in a cubicle? I would like to have an understanding of how the working atmosphere will likely be within the computer science field. #computer-science #computer-software #computer...

#development #program-development #computer-programming #web-development #software-development


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2 answers

Posted by Ryan J.’s Avatar Ryan J.
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Joanne Mammarelli | Systems Engineer A big trend of late is the concept of open floor ...

Is proficiency in Java enough to get you placed in good company?

I'm a graduate student(MS Computer Science) and I'm gonna be graduating in a year and a half and I wanted to know if there is any skill that I must have besides Java. I would like to know what are the other programming languages/skills that any employer can expect from a potential employee with...

#development #java #career #job-application #software-development #personal-development #career-details #computer-software #android #software


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4 answers

Posted by Thompson B.’s Avatar Thompson B.
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Ollie Jones | Software Engineer at Glance Networks Proficiency in Java, huh? It's a great start. But, with respect, ...

what are some of the best sites for finding job postings?

should i use any other job posting site other than indeed. does different job posting sites have different jobs listed ? #engineering #jobs #career-counseling #career-path #software #software-engineering #software-development...



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5 answers

Posted by preethi M.’s Avatar preethi M.
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Gary Stephen Petito | Career Guru Hi, You have good answer above but I will add that ...

what are the career options for a computer science graduate?


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4 answers

Posted by preethi M.’s Avatar preethi M.
Ian Gudger’s Avatar
Ian Gudger | Software Engineer at Google With software being more and more prevalent, almost every field needs ...
Srinivas Vangari’s Avatar
Srinivas Vangari | Sr Developer/Engineer at Fannie Mae The programming language eco system is exploding. Some very generic and ...

In the Computer Science/Programming field, are credentials more important than student projects?

I plan to get a Master's degree in Computer Science, Programming, Software Engineering, or a related field. However, a lot of people I've talked to in the Computer Science field have told me that a MS degree in this field is unnecessary, and potential employers will judge you more based on any...

#coding #computer-security #programming #software-engineering #software-development #computer-software #computer-programming #software


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3 answers

Posted by Darryl H.’s Avatar Darryl H.
Davor Gornik’s Avatar
Davor Gornik | Consulting Product Manager at Dell Technologies I studied computer science... and I have to say that algorithms ...

Besides Java, what other coding languages are heavily used in the software industry (Especially for companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, or Facebook).

I am a first year Computer Science Major. My goal is to become a great Software Engineer! #computer-science #computer #software #tech #software-development #coding #google...



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6 answers

Posted by Blessed Joshua  G.’s Avatar Blessed Joshua G.
Sanket Padawe’s Avatar
Sanket Padawe | Software Engineer at Google There are lot of languages used at big companies like C++, ...

Can anyone working in the computer science field provide info about their life as a computer scientist and the schooling you went through to graduate?

i have an assignment that requires me to find a person working in the computer science field . I have to know details about the day in the life of a computer scientist, and also know what schooling you went through to become a computer scientist. I need someone who works in ontario, and someone...

#web-design #computer-software #programming #engineering #computer-programming #computer-engineer #computer #college #software-engineering #software-development #computer-engineering #computer-science #software #technology #tech #engineer


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3 answers

Posted by zainab H.’s Avatar zainab H.
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Stacy Shields, PhD | Career Counselor Hi Zainab, I think it's great that you have to complete ...
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