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What are some ways I can be better at speaking confidently?

Every time I get called on in class or I have to present to the whole class I get really nervous, ESPECIALLY if I have to stand up when I'm doing it!! I tried to speak at home in the mirror to practice because my teacher suggested it but it feels silly. Some of the other students are more proud...

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24 answers

Posted by Eddie V.’s Avatar Eddie V.
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Punit Shah | CMO at Contrary to what others have suggested, I find that practice is ...

Tips on public speaking?

I’ve always hated public speaking.... I was wondering what some tips are for staying calm while giving presentations #public-speaking #public-relations #public-sector #motivational-speaking #speaking #presentations...



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4 answers

Posted by Chandler F.’s Avatar Chandler F.
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Christos Kampouridis | Systems Engineer at Grifols, Former Device Engineer at ... Hi Chandler, I wish I could give you a magic formula ...

What career(s) would be best for someone who is great at speaking in front of crowds?

I want to do something related to business, rather than acting or theater. I am currently captain of my school's improv troupe, but I much prefer hosting the games then playing them. I suppose I want a Public Relations degree so that I can present things to the public, but I am not sure if that...

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3 answers

Posted by Jordan S.’s Avatar Jordan S.
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Vandana S | High Performance Coach Jordan, congratulations on being the captain of your school's improv troupe. ...
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