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Do most people that become audiologists go to school full-time or part-time after graduating from college?

I am planning to get a master's degree in speech pathology and am then considering continuing on to become an audiologist. I was wondering if most people continue to work as a speech pathologist while attending additional classes to become an audiologist or if they go to school full-time...

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What is it is like being your own boss?

My ultimate goal is to become a speech therapist and help children in elementary schools work on their speech disorders. One reason I job this job is because many times, speech therapists are self-employed, and this is important to me. What is it like being self-employed? #speech-pathology...

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Where is the typical workplace for a speech pathologist?

I would like to get my masters degree in speech pathology. To my understanding, speech pathologists work in schools, hospitals and other medical offices. I really hope I get the opportunity to work with children. What are my chances of get my job at a school? #speech-pathology #speech...

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How will the college classes I pick help prepare me for my career?

I am an incoming college freshman. I am majoring in communication sciences and disorders because I want to pursuing a career in communications, particularly speech and language pathology. I know there a major specific classes, but I want to know how will those courses I take help prepare me for...

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What is the best way to stand out to graduate schools?

I am finishing up my bachelor's degree in biology in the spring of 2018. I would like to move on to graduate school and get a masters in speech pathology. What should I make sure I have completed by the end of my undergraduate career in regards to internships, volunteer work, etc? #biology...

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What is most enjoyable about being a speech therapist?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am shadowing a speech therapist that works at a private school. Sometimes I get bored because my mentor does the same thing in every session and I am just sitting there observing. I want to know if it is different for speech therapists not working at a...

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