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Does it cost money to become a player in the NFL?

Do you need to pay to be in the NFL? If so, who would you be paying? Taxi drivers have to buy a license to drive, and then they get to earn money -- is that how it works in the NFL or do the players get paid to play without having to pay anything back? [This question was edited by an admin...


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What should I major in to become a sports agent? What skill set is needed? Also, what is a day as a sports agent like?

I'd love to become a sports agent, however, I don't know the best steps or what its like. How do you get noticed and picked up as an agent? What are the best schools and a target ACT score? Thanks to all those who answer! #sports-management #sports-marketing...


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What does a sports agent do on a day to day basis?

I am a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School and I have loved sports all my life. At one point, I wanted to be a professional football player, but I am currently at a school where football does not exist. Therefore, my dream of becoming a professional football quickly died. I started to...

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When athletes and coaches in the sports entertainment industry travel for games, are they given time to explore the location they are playing at or are they only able to attend the game?

I watch a lot of sports and notice that games are hosted all over the world, but I was not sure if the athletes are able to visit the place their games are at, or simply attend practices and games and stay in their hotel room. #athlete #sport #sports...


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How many different jobs can you obtain in the sports management field?

I'm a senior in high school and I just got enrolled into the Soccer Management program at UCCS. I want to become a business team manager for a soccer team but I'm curious what my other options are in soccer management careers. #business-management #sports-management...


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What type of degree is recommended for a career in sports broadcasting

I see a lot of ex-athletes in sports broadcasting. Do they all have college degrees? Some of them have degrees because they talk about them. But after speaking to my parents, it's possible many went to college but didn't finish. So do you really need a degree or do you just need to be one...

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What types of jobs are common for people working in the sports management or sports marketing industries?

I've always been interested in sports management and sports marketing because of my interest in sports and business. However, I'm not familiar with what kind of careers are available in these industries. #sports-management #sports-marketing...


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