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what are some good strengths and experiences i may need or want to be a physical therapist?

i have some good qualities for this job but im not very patient, which you should definitely have to be a physical therapist. #physical-therapy #physical-therapist #strengthsandweaknesses...



Active Mar 24 at 00:43

2 answers

Posted by kayla K.
Ashish Malhotra | Philosopher,writer,educator Hellos,The strength of any individual is their tolerance and patience level.How ...

If my strengths are being patient and also being a good listener what type of career would be best for me in the medical field?

My best strengths are listing and being patient, I would like to know what career in the medical field would these strengths be better for or which career they would be more useful for? #strengthsandweaknesses #medical-practice #medical-careers #medical-education...



Active Apr 09 at 11:02

1 answers

Posted by yadira O.
Carmen LaTorre | Human Resources, Higher Education, Business Administration, Healthcare Hello Yadira,Being patient and a good listener are great skills and ...
Doris Dunn | Director of Community Relations at Farmers Insurance Hi Lauren, since you lead with "creativity" I suggest focusing on ...

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