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How to get a job!

I am a student with no experience, and thus is getting really hard for me to get a job. Help!...



general surgery residency

am a final year medical student(MBCHB), after a graduate would like to do my general surgery residency in the US. How possible it it? and approximately how much are the fees for residents?...


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How to speak in Hindi ?

Hai i am poomitha i want to speak in Hindi but i do know how to speak in Hindi language? #professor #student...


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should i go to scad

because its my number one school and id love to know if its great #student...


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What kinds of workers experience the greatest success in the field of education?

Although I am only a junior in high school, it is critical that I start thinking about what kind of career I would want to pursue. Ever since I was a little girl, I've always wanted to be a teacher. I would gather all of the little kids that would come to visit and read books aloud to them. We...

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I wan to become a doctor so I know I need to study hard but sometimes my motivation dies off a little bit :( Anybody that have unique ways of keeping themselves motivated?? (Please let me Know!! )

I am the type of person who gets motivated really easily but that also dies out pretty quickly. I don't know if that is because I have't found something that I am really passionate about or it's because I might be as passionate about becoming a doctor as I thought I was. So if there is anyone...

#motivation #motivational-speaking #student

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How do I get faster at test-taking?

It's often the case that I know all the material for a certain class, but do not have enough time for the test to showcase my knowledge. How do I get faster without sacrificing accuracy? #student #studying-tips...


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