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What is the hardest part about nursing school? #needtoknow

I am extremely interested in pursuing a nursing degree but I've heard from so many people about how challenging it truly is. I am concerned but hopeful that I can do it but what actually is the hardest part? The material, workload, studying? I need to know! #nursing #material #challenge...

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How do you balance your work time and study time?

I am interested in students who are studying and working together. In China, many students in university even hardly ever find internship. I think most universities in china don't have part-time students in undergraduate. #work...


How do you propose the idea of an independent study with a professor you don't know?

I have an area of interest that builds off of a specific subject matter that a professor teaches. The issue is he only teaches one class on that topic, and I have taken it already (a few terms ago). I would like to ask that professor to do an independent study class with me to build on this...

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