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Networking 5 To Dos

  • Be a volunteer to work with children to ensure that you are heading in a path that works for both of you. Choose an opportunity that deals with at-risk children and young adults so you become familiar with issues & behaviors. Look for something that will add to your resume later when you are qualified.

  • Check out https://study.com/how_to_become_a_psychiatrist.html for helpful tips on getting your academic path on the right track.

  • Try connecting with a local practitioner for mentorship on recommended steps towards the right certification.

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by Mariya T.

College Exploration 1 To Do

  • Write down five schools I would like to attend.
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by Mya T.

Get scholarships for university 1 To Do

  • Fill out more applications
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by Catherine P.

Becoming a Better Student! 6 To Dos

  • Plan out your track for graduation and/or transfer

  • Practice the 2 minute challenge when it comes to starting a task

  • Do PDEV 180 once a week

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by Adaeze O.

Employment 1 To Do

  • Gain an internship during the summer of 2018
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by Remus W.

Travel Abroad before I graduate 4 To Dos

  • Decide where you want to go!

  • Save up money for the trip by applying to jobs and paid internships

  • Research study abroad opportunities, ask my teachers if they know of scholarships for these exchange programs

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by Augusta I.

Band 6 To Dos

  • All state ??

  • Find duet music

  • Find Flute Choir music

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by Brenna M.

Current Plans 4 To Dos

  • AP Psych Exam

  • Get Driver's Permit/License

  • career

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by Connor H.

Keep my grades up for the last semester of HS 1 To Do

  • Finish Ms. Lu's hmwk and Campbell's too
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by Luis A.

Psychiatry 3 To Dos

  • From looking at some of your other questions it appears that you likely a college student. So, your next step is medical school. So I would recommend majoring in any area you want (and obtaining the highest GPA possible). Also, you will need a very good science GPA - for med school those are calculated separately and your science GPA is very important. Sciences classes like microbiology, anatomy/physiology, and biochemistry will help prepare you for the MCAT and also be very helpful in medical school. I think those would be the next steps to focus on. Good luck.

  • Research child and adolescent psychiatry

  • Research neuropsychiatry
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by Mariya T.

Get into medical school 5 To Dos

  • Start letter of reccomendation process..

  • Study for MCAT'S

  • Schedule MCAT's

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by Matthew A.


  • experience will be a + through an internship and you can also network for permanent positions

  • Have you participated in any of your school's internship programs?

  • Update your CV, indicate all your academic implications. Go to the employment forum; some employers are looking for finish new graduate staff.

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by Aye Marie C.

Data Science Path 12 To Dos

  • Complete a Kaggle ML competition (just complete)

  • Build your first Jupyter notebook and deploy it to the cloud somewhere

  • Write a "How to" blog post (hosted on Github if needed) for some kind of step-by-step ML process to build your reputation and followership

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by Albert P.

start a new life after accident 6 To Dos

  • get back on my feet

  • get a new job

  • get situated

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by Dulcce V.

Sign up for college in winter/spring 1 To Do

  • Completed
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by Connor H.

Research 1 To Do

  • Find out what should be expected in major
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by Jalencia P.

Preparing for College :) 4 To Dos

  • -Receive at least 2 scholarships

  • -Create a list of possible majors

  • -Have a summer plan (working or interning)

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by Angelina N.

college 2 To Dos

  • Major in Business Administration or Human Resources Management

  • Discover what I can do with a Certificate in Administrative Assistant
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by Alicia C.

Alternate Path 10 To Dos

  • What type of counselor/therapist? High school C/T?, college C/T? or strictly psychologist

  • Work at a college ESL center while studying for your degree

  • Determine which profession fits you best, which do you enjoy to do more. What kind of people person are you?

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by Sabrina K.

Get that POSITION! 9 To Dos

  • Look at marketing associate/product manager job descriptions to figure out what you'll need to know

  • Get certified for 3 more things before graduating

  • Build a better online portfolio to show skillset

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by Lauren K.

1st Class 4 To Dos

  • Decide an organization system to make sure all assignments are completed early

  • Print all/any printouts needed for the first 2 weeks

  • Add all assignments to calendar

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by Elizabeth D.

Go to college for Engineering 1 To Do

  • Discover different kinds of Engineering
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by Jonathan W.

Transfer to a 4 Year University 3 To Dos

  • Contact potential universities to build a relationship and find out how to improve applications

  • Apply to potential 4-year universities

  • Transfer to 4-year universities
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by Alisha S.

Intern for Code for America 4 To Dos

  • Apply for an internship!

  • Contact folks who have interned and/or worked there to get insights on what it's like and to get their input on the most effective application tactics -- everything from your email/cover letter to the interview process (you'll want to stand out!)

  • Learn how to use GitHub

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by Augusta I.

Find the College i wanna go to 4 To Dos

  • apply to them

  • reduce 20 to top 5

  • eliminate to top 20

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by Alicia F.

Job Search 13 To Dos

  • That is a noble thing to do,but before you engage,what answer do you have for these two questions.WHY and for WHAT

  • Join Teach For America! It is a fantastic, hands-on way to get in the trenches and address racial inequity through the vehicle of education equity. Please reach out if you'd like to talk more about TFA.

  • Shadow someone in the field

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by Rebecca A.

Theatre 2 To Dos

  • Edit Meteorite

  • Write new play
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by Brenna M.

Apply to College 1 To Do

  • Research Colleges
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by Test S.

Give-Away Lists 1 To Do

  • I would like to be a Computer Engineer for a company that works worldwide with computers, building them, and troubleshooting.
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by KalebBlake I.

Schools I would like to attend 2 To Dos

  • NUS (National University of Singapore)

  • NBS (Nanyang Business School @ Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
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by D W.

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