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What is the best studing tip for AP tests?


Active Aug 12 at 13:43

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Posted by Catherine C.’s Avatar Catherine C.

What are some ways that I can not only study to retain but also to understand core concepts?

I’m currently in my Junior year in college and for this semester I’m taking abnormal psychology and molecular cell biology. These two courses have a lot of information that you must know in order to pass the class and I want a more effective way to study because I don’t think the way I’m...

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Active Apr 20 at 22:29

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Posted by Jamaul C.’s Avatar Jamaul C.

What is the best way to learn outside of the classroom?

In school the obvious way to learn is to study and learn from a course. What are ways you may learn while in school? Would it be best to learn from other students or spend time talking to professors of our of course topics? I would personally prefer to learn more than my classroom material....

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Active Apr 20 at 21:21

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Posted by Colin N.’s Avatar Colin N.
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