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What do I need to do to pursue into the medical field?

I am asking this because my dream is to become a plastic surgeon someday. I want to be prepared for the years to come and understand what it takes to pursue the medical field. #surgery...


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Did you always know you wanted to be a surgeon?

I really like the prospect of surgery but am hesitant because I am squeamish. I was wondering if surgeons always knew they wanted to be surgeons or if they grew into it, and gradually the squeamish-ness (for lack of better words) dissipated? #medicine...



What are the core math subjects needed to be a cardiologist?

For many years I have known this is the career path that I wanted to follow through with. I am currently taking AP Calculus and I am having lots of difficulties. I know I need math knowledge ,but how much Calculus is actually applied/ needed to get to my end goal. #doctor #surgery...


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Is being a surgeon a hard job?

I am curious about becoming a surgeon and I want to learn more about it. How difficult is the job? What specifically is hard or not hard about the job? Knowing the answers to this question will help me prepare mentally and gather the knowledge I need to succeed. #medicine #healthcare...


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How to become a Neurosurgeon?

Okay so I have a question or multiple. I am very uneducated about all of this. I am already taking college classes now. Is there anyway I could just go straight into medical school? What is residency? If it is what I am thinking is there anyway to do reisdency in another state or do you have to...

#neuroscience #neurosurgeon #neurology #medical #surgery

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