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What career field should I explore if I love to talk, write and care about history?

I am undecided what to major in. I am very passionate about history, but also love writing and talking to anyone who listens. #journalism...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:23

2 answers

Posted by John S.
Martina Morale | Curator | Public Historian | Educator Public History and/or museum studies are great fields to explore. There ...

dyslexic teaching credentials

Hello I wanted I want to become a history or P.E teacher. I wanted to teach at a school where there are kids with ADD, ADHD, and Dyslexia. Do you need a special type of teaching credential to teach kids with a learning difference. thank you #dyslexia #teachers #dyslexicteacher #dysgraphia...



Active Mar 07 at 22:50

2 answers

Posted by Jacob P.
Rachel Chace | AmeriCorps Urban Education Fellow, TutorCorps First you have to pass the Praxis in order to get ...

What can I do with an English degree?

I don't really want to be a teacher, per se. I love writing and would like to be an author, but how else could I use this degree? #english #author #teachers...



Active Feb 20 at 19:53

2 answers

Posted by Morissa J.
William Samela | Sr. Associate | myAdminConcierge | PwC | Administrative ... Hi Morissa!Great question, and something that I asked myself many times. ...

how many IT company in karanataka?


Active Feb 27 at 08:07

1 answers

Posted by Purushotham N.
Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential i! Here is a list that might help.

What are the funnest jobs in the stem fields?

unbiassed towards your favorite job, but funnest locations and jobs that provide lots of activities. #computer #engineers #stem #teachers #architects...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:45

1 answers

Posted by cynthia M.
Skyler LaBuff | NASA Johnson Space Center - ISS ETHOS Technical ... Hi Cynthia! Working on the International Space Station Program, training astronauts ...

Which careers would you consider for graduates who are still undecided even with a degree they received?

There are many graduates that graduate with much knowledge of what they have majored in. But we all know you have to start from the bottom and work your way up. #career #professor #mentors #teachers...



Active Apr 10 at 13:57

3 answers

Posted by Kellie Y.
Jennifer Jones Duffourg | Group PR Manager, EMEA Corporate Communications at Symantec Majors can be broad in scope, and many professionals have dabbled ...

How do I become a good teacher?

I want to became a teacher #teaching #teacher #education #teach...



Active Apr 05 at 02:27

4 answers

Posted by jayaprasad yadav K.
Joel Volkert | Educator/Career Coach, Founder of "Learn Now Learn Well" Hi Jayaprasad,An excellent question! I think there are several things to ...

About architure

Well is it true that the math and other units of architecture is really hard??? What type of math there is? Will there be a lot of making model structure? Will there be a lot of reports? I really wanted to take up architecture but the math scares me ,makes me think to just change career...

#interior-architecture #architecture #mathematics-education #artists #arti #mathematics #architectural-design #teachers


Active Aug 11 '17 at 23:04

2 answers

Posted by Jill C.
ABDUL WAHAAB | General Manager at PSi3Axis Info Services (India) Pvt. ... Hi Jill, Basic math is helpful sure, but I don’t think ...

Should I become a nurse or teacher?

I'm torn between the two professions and would really appreciate some guidance! #nursing #teaching #education #educator #registered-nurses #registered-nursing #registerednurse #teacher #teachers...



Active Apr 04 at 08:11

3 answers

Posted by Mireia R.
Victoria German | Sr. Mgr. Ntwrk Security & HSO Member Hi Mireia, this is such a great question! I can tell ...
Alexis Camins | Management Fellow at Los Angeles County - Professional ... Yes! There is no job or career where learning to speak ...

What does a day in the life of a teacher look like?


Active Feb 28 at 18:21

2 answers

Posted by Mireia R.
Debra Dukes | Graduate Faculty - Research A day in the life of a teacher can be very ...

What are some tips for finding shadowing opportunities?


Active Feb 07 at 14:55

3 answers

Posted by Mireia R.
Jeff Przybysz | PwC PCS Tax Intern Great question! I STRONGLY encourage you to make a LinkedIn profile. ...

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