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I've decided to pursue a degree in software engineering. Aside from relevant skills and the aptitude to pick new ones up, are certs such as CompTia, Cisco certs,etc in demand by employers?

I'm 34, have two 13 year old felonies(marijuana possession,cultivation) and basically want to get my life together. I understand ones own opinion of one's self is usually biased but I am definitely intelligent enough to thrive academically and am learning various programming skills on my...


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what tools do you need to get into nerf modding

my name is Rafe and i am 12 i am looking into a starter business so i can sell custom nerf mods on ebay or etsy and i need some help to find what do i need to start this up #tech...


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i want to become a ethical hacker, how would i go about doing this?

i have always loved the idea of being a hacker but did not want to be on the wrong side of the law. know that i have just recently found out that their is a job like this i would like to know #tech...


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Are technical certificates worth pursuing?

I am a college student studying information technology, and I am wondering whether it would be to my advantage to pursue technical certificates in conjunction to my degree. Does having certificates such as A+ and Security+ give a leg up to those pursuing a career in the information technology...

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Finding internships as a high schooler, especially at big tech companies, is hard. What are some tips for scoring internships at credible locations? #programming #tech...


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How does one get involved in the creation of video games?

I've always loved video games, not only as a way to take my mind off of stress, but also as a form of interactive media that can bring people together. The unique experiences and lessons I've learned from video games have helped me so much in life, that I want to do the same for others, even if...

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How hard is it to start working at Google?

I thought that working at Google would be a lot of fun. Everyone knows what Google is and it would be a great opportunity to enhance my technological knowledge. #tech...


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