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What are some steps to take as a freshman towards preparing for university?

I am a highly ambitious person and am aiming high in my choices of universities and I know to be accepted there are a lot of people that start preparing from now. The problem is I don't know what steps I can take to prepare for university or to make my application look really good when the time...

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Can someone explain federal work study for me? Also can they elaborate on which universities offer this option.

I've heard the term mentioned briefly in passing and I wanted to understand what it means exactly and how this can benefit me. It would also be wonderful if someone could provide a list of universities that support federal work study or work study in general. #university #financial-aid...

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What are the best ways for a high school freshman to gain money on the side?

I am a freshman now but I already recognize two things. First of all my parents will be able to afford little to none of the expenses associated with university and the amount of education and money it would take to become a doctor. And second the costs to university for that long of a time...

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What can I expect from college, and how can I prepare for it?

I will be going to college next fall, and I'm not sure what to expect. Many of my friends who are in college tell me conflicting stories. Some of them say that they are having a great time and they go out a lot. Some of them tell me that it is very hard academically and that they often spend...

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Engineering Math

I want to get into a good college but i have not taken calculus yet. I am a senior in highschool and I want to get into UCSD or UCLA. Do you think I have a chance of getting into their engineering program? Did you need to take calculus before college? Or can you take it in the university?...

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Which is better, to go to a school which has a prestigious name and accumulate debt, or go far from home and the school be less prestigious?

Both of the schools have amazing programs, but my mother worries about me going too far. I don't want to accumulate too much debt though, so which should be more important to me? #university #school #tuition #distance...


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Will choosing a more populated and highly recognized school over one that is less unheard of matter for careers?

I was always so skeptic about where I wanted to go to school throughout high school. I didn't know whether to apply to a D1 school or a D3 school. Therefore, I made the decision to apply to both. Fortunately, I did get accepted to every school I applied to but just couldn't make up my mind as...

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Robotics Engineering

Many times i have looked and worked with FRC robots at school and thought i like all the aspects of making a robots. I believe i want to be a robotics engineer, but what do i need ? What is the difference between a robotics engineer and a double major in electrical and mechanical engineers? Are...

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DIfference between BA and BS degrees?

I am an astronomy/physics major and am currently pursuing a BS degree. I would like to ultimately work in a scientific discipline and/or for the government, and was wondering if a BS degree makes a big difference from a BA? What kind of job would a BA physics degree candidate be able to have?...

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What are good undergraduate business majors for an entrepreneurship track?

I'm a business student entering his second year of university. While I still am taking prerequisite classes, I want to declare my major first. My ultimate goal is to own my own business, yet I'm realistic and realize that'll be difficult right out of college. Therefore, what are good...

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How did you guys manage and create your schedule for University classes?

I am a senior about to graduate and planning to attend a university in the 2016 Fall semester and I am wondering if there are good resources to help create a schedule or where to get advice about how to organize my schedule for the first semester and year. #college #university #school #advice...


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What colleges provide in-depth courses for computer science and programming?

My main interest is in technology and computers (specifically computer programming) and I was wondering if there are any colleges out there that are considered the best in this area. I'm willing to consider any school as long as it provides courses I can take to improve. Thanks for any input...

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