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Are UCAS points still relevant in the UK?

Is the emphasis entirely on grades now or do UCAS points still have some precedence? #ucas...



Dean Collier’s Avatar Aaron Hyde’s Avatar
Active Nov 28 '17 at 08:16

2 answers

Posted by Anaka N.’s Avatar Anaka N.
Dean Collier’s Avatar
Dean Collier | Director, Client Technologists at Dell Yes...see URL below:

What are some study skills or daily habits that really helped you stay organized in College and Medical School?

In a few years I'll be out of highschool and entering college with the hopes of getting accepted to med-school and UCSF. I wish to know, essentially, how to stay balanced in college. #medicine #healthcare #university #mathematics #college-bound #physics #biomedical-engineering...



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Active Nov 10 '17 at 13:24

2 answers

Posted by Barry R.’s Avatar Barry R.
Rachel Gonzalez’s Avatar
Rachel Gonzalez | Associate at PwC 1. Keep a weekly planner, this helps you keep track of ...

How do i decide which college to go to?

I have been wondering on what college should i go to. My family has been telling me to go to the best college that i can get admitted to and worry about the debt later since i will be earning enough to pay the debt. Even though i want to go to a good college, i don't want to go into debt by...

#university #college


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Active Nov 10 '17 at 13:00

3 answers

Posted by Michael D.’s Avatar Michael D.
Keith Martin’s Avatar
Keith Martin | Wireless Technology Planning Generally speaking, the most important thing is the effort you put ...

What is the average cost for a private university in Virginia?

I plan on attending a private university and I'm wondering about the cost. #expensive #college...



Stuart Bowen’s Avatar Maggie Edmunds’s Avatar
Active Nov 10 '17 at 12:35

2 answers

Posted by Kevin M.’s Avatar Kevin M.
Stuart Bowen’s Avatar
Stuart Bowen | Academic Coach, Montgomery College Hi Kevin, It really depends on the particular school you're considering. ...

How do you persuade your parents into letting you attend a selective out of state university?

My parents at the moment have forbidden me from choosing a university that is more than an hour away due to the fact that I have to live at home with them. I want to know that should I get into a really good university that happens to be farther away how do I convince my parents that the best...

#college-selection #university #persuasion #parent-communication


Bobby Mora’s Avatar Madhu Sultanipurmath -PHR’s Avatar
Active Oct 27 '17 at 15:33

2 answers

Posted by Nada D.’s Avatar Nada D.
Bobby Mora’s Avatar
Bobby Mora | Senior Associate at PwC Hi Nada, I think the approach contained in Madhu's is sound, ...

Is it better to be "well rounded" or "specialized"?

All around, we are told to take classes in which we have no interest in, yet do so anyway due to wanting to be "well-rounded" Do colleges and universities want to see a "spike" in terms of academics and extracurriculars (meaning a specialty, such as if you have a passion for science, then a...

#college-student #university #teacher #professor #college #student #ivy-league


Ken Simmons’s Avatar vishal kapoor’s Avatar Prithuvi Skantharajah’s Avatar Krishna Morari’s Avatar
Active Oct 27 '17 at 13:29

4 answers

Posted by Joshua Joseph A.’s Avatar Joshua Joseph A.
Ken Simmons’s Avatar
Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential Hi ! You asked a very important question. Here are some ...

What are some good ways to advance my education after attending my 4 year college? (MTSU)

I will be studying Biology in Middle Tennessee State University this coming up fall. I am extremely excited, but I'm not sure what to do after 4 years. I plan to be an orthodontist when I finish college and I have no clue what step to take to lead me into that right path. #college #biology...

#university #orthodontist


Michaella Munyuzangabo’s Avatar
Active Oct 23 '17 at 14:03

1 answers

Posted by Sally K.’s Avatar Sally K.
Michaella Munyuzangabo’s Avatar
Michaella Munyuzangabo | Solution Specialist: helping companies improve their supply chains ... Hi Sally, Now that you have started, you should go visit ...

What are some tips on how to cope with separation anxiety?

I just graduated high school and I will be living on campus at a university in the fall as a college freshman. I am extremely family oriented and I know I will miss having my family around very much. I can already imagine how sad and lonely I will feel without them. Can you give me some tips on...

#university #college #family #graduate


Michelle Vakman’s Avatar Ken Simmons’s Avatar
Active Oct 23 '17 at 10:59

2 answers

Posted by Kendra L.’s Avatar Kendra L.
Michelle Vakman’s Avatar
Michelle Vakman | Director, Graduate Admission Make sure to check in with them regularly...Skype, Facetime, and WhatsApp ...

Which are the best American colleges for user experience (UX) design?

Hi! I'm 27 years old and decide to invest 2 years in my life to join a graduate program. When I graduate again, I will be 29. It's not a very young age, so I'm careful in choosing which college to spend this 2 year with. My future career plan is to be a UX designer, with focus on the...

#user-experience #search #university #information-technology #computer #design #college


Alwyn Velásquez’s Avatar Tina Moore’s Avatar
Active Oct 17 '17 at 23:55

2 answers

Posted by Kathryn G.’s Avatar Kathryn G.
Alwyn Velásquez’s Avatar
Alwyn Velásquez | UI/UX designer with management and product development background, ... Bentley College has a great and distinguished HMI program that encompasses ...

What type of technology is used in first-year university labs?

I take medicine that makes me unable to operate large machinery, and I'd like to know if it's a problem I need to address with someone at the university. #technology #university #first-year#college #science #career...



Herman Liu’s Avatar
Active Oct 14 '17 at 18:13

1 answers

Posted by Vanessa C.’s Avatar Vanessa C.
Herman Liu’s Avatar
Herman Liu | Clinical Trial Management Associate Hi Vanessa, It depends on your university and your classes and ...

Is there any advice for someone who might want to be a Youtuber?

Ever since I came to America in 2004, I have been fascinated with the American way of life. Here people don't wait for their dream to happen, they make it happen on the spot. There are Youtubers who have been on YouTube since 2005, but these people never gave up. They kept making videos, and...

#college #university #youtube #video #tech #editing #technology #film


Ben Landis’s Avatar Julien Schleret’s Avatar Rachel Fusaro, MBA’s Avatar
Active Oct 13 '17 at 13:29

3 answers

Posted by Salvin S.’s Avatar Salvin S.
Ben Landis’s Avatar
Ben Landis | Content Marketing Intern at That's an awesome question. If you want to be a YouTuber ...

What are some things I can do in High School now to make sure I'm ready for college?

I'm a junior looking into Music Education and I want to be prepared for college, and right now, I feel in the dark. #college #university...



Ursula Bartlett’s Avatar
Active Oct 10 '17 at 21:24

1 answers

Posted by Erika H.’s Avatar Erika H.
Ursula Bartlett’s Avatar
Ursula Bartlett | Senior Administrative Specialist at Symantec Hi Erika, It has been my experience that it helps to ...

When applying to universities, the people at admissions always enjoy reading unconventional essays. How does one know that what they are writing fits this criteria?

I've been watching many interviews and videos about how the people at the admissions department enjoy unique essays as well as students who believe their essays are what really helped them get into the university. How can you make sure that one is writing something on the flamboyant side?...

#college-recruiting #college-essay #university #university-applications #college-admissions #university-recruiting #college #college-bound


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Active Oct 06 '17 at 14:09

2 answers

Posted by Daniella F.’s Avatar Daniella F.
John Noble’s Avatar
John Noble | Principal at Noble Career Strategies Hi, Daniella: having worked on admissions committees myself, I know that ...

How many AP and challanging classes shoud one take during High School? Do all schools accept AP credits?

I am a junior in high school. I am looking to apply to colleges next summer and just wanted to get a heads up to see what I was aiming for. #college #university...



Kelsey Peterson’s Avatar Florentino Cardona’s Avatar
Active Oct 05 '17 at 23:44

2 answers

Posted by Hamid W.’s Avatar Hamid W.
Kelsey Peterson’s Avatar
Kelsey Peterson | Marketing Manager, Verizon Wireless I would recommend taking all the AP and challenging classes you ...

which college/university is good for biotechnology?

i have at last decided that i would pursue biotechnology for sure. Now the question is which college/university should i apply for ? i also need some advice about which course should i take : bsc(biotechnology) , medical biotechnology, molecular biotechnology or genetic engineering . my aim is...

#career-advice #college-advice #professor #college-admissions #college #biotechnology #university


Christos Kampouridis’s Avatar Keith Sun, MA, NCC’s Avatar
Active Oct 02 '17 at 17:45

2 answers

Posted by hazel W.’s Avatar hazel W.
Christos Kampouridis’s Avatar
Christos Kampouridis | Device Engineer at Amgen, MS/BS Mech Eng, Currently ... Hi Hazel, I'm assuming you're applying to the United States? In ...

Should I go straight into post-secondary?

Is it recommended/better to just immediately start post-secondary right after high school? #college #university...



Angelica Rossana Tolentino, CPA’s Avatar
Active Sep 29 '17 at 13:37

1 answers

Posted by Calvin K.’s Avatar Calvin K.
Angelica Rossana Tolentino, CPA’s Avatar
Angelica Rossana Tolentino, CPA | Global Mobility Services at PwC Hi Calvin, The answer depends on what you plan to do ...

Would it be better to obtain an undergraduate and graduate degree separately or together in a single program?

I am a high school student going into my senior year and can't decide which program route I should go into. Over the summer, I have discovered my passion for the occupational therapy field and the good that comes out of it. Knowing very well that I want to major in that study, I started looking...

#masters #occupational-therapy #university #masters-degree #bachelor #college-major #college-degree #graduate-school #college #undergraduate


Brendon Larsen, PTA’s Avatar
Active Sep 28 '17 at 00:21

1 answers

Posted by Karen P.’s Avatar Karen P.
Brendon Larsen, PTA’s Avatar
Brendon Larsen, PTA | Physical Therapist Assistant & Academic Mentor First, you're very smart for researching this thoroughly into OT this ...

Being a philosophy major is something of interest to me but I often hear that it is useless when working- how do I get the most out of a philosophy class and at was school to make it worth it?

I am interested in studying philosophy but don't want to major in something that will make it hard for me to get a job. People say it can be useful if done right- how do I do it right? #education #university #higher-education #consulting...



Christina E. Rodriguez’s Avatar Esther Smith’s Avatar Daniela Silva’s Avatar K G’s Avatar
Active Sep 23 '17 at 00:13

4 answers

Posted by Aukai E.’s Avatar Aukai E.
Christina E. Rodriguez’s Avatar
Christina E. Rodriguez | Career Advisor | Student Advocate Hello Aukai, I'm posting two links for you. One is for ...

Does Pharmacy pay well?

Do you make good money out of graduating from Pharmacy school? #university...



Gabriel Fig’s Avatar Sheila Arrington, RPh, PMP’s Avatar Janna Afanasjeva, PharmD, BCPS’s Avatar
Active Sep 22 '17 at 18:52

3 answers

Posted by Amira Z.’s Avatar Amira Z.
Gabriel Fig’s Avatar
Gabriel Fig | Experienced Higher Educational Professional & Certified Appreciative Advisor Hi Amira, Thanks for the question. According to the Bureau of ...

What kind of minors would be beneficial if my major is health science?

I would like some insight about ways to enhance my degree. #university...



Christina Blackburn’s Avatar
Active Sep 22 '17 at 00:56

1 answers

Posted by Lera K.’s Avatar Lera K.
Christina Blackburn’s Avatar
Christina Blackburn | Healthcare Administration If you don't plan on being on the clinical side of ...

How long does it take to get your phD to become a doctor?

I really want to be a doctor and I am wondering how long it will take me to get through college. #doctor #medicine #healthcare #university #health #hospital-and-health-care #phd...



Ana Paye’s Avatar
Active Sep 14 '17 at 20:18

1 answers

Posted by Diana D.’s Avatar Diana D.
Ana Paye’s Avatar
Ana Paye | MSN, RNFNP-BC U.S. Army (retired) Four years for medical school, a minimum of three years for ...

How do you find a college that is best fit for you?

I am going into my senior year of high school and need to start preparing for college applications. There are several universities that I have been drawn to, but after doing a ton of research, I could not seem to find a university that offers the whole package. I plan to go into the field of...

#occupational-therapy #college-selection #college-prep #university #gpa #east-coast #college


Ashley Nichols’s Avatar Souxsie Campbell’s Avatar
Active Sep 12 '17 at 10:53

2 answers

Posted by Karen P.’s Avatar Karen P.
Ashley Nichols’s Avatar
Ashley Nichols | Associate at PwC Advisory Hi there, Karen! First I want to say great work. You've ...

How would I go about becoming a pediatric occupational therapist?

I am going into my senior year of high school and have recently discovered my passion in the field of pediatric occupational therapy. I am fully aware that I must attend graduate school and obtain at least a master's degree to be licensed in the United States. I have been looking into combined...

#occupational-therapy #university #occupational-health #whichpath #college #college-major


Corinne Rubin’s Avatar
Active Sep 02 '17 at 08:37

1 answers

Posted by Karen P.’s Avatar Karen P.
Corinne Rubin’s Avatar
Corinne Rubin | Occupational Therapist Hi there, well done so far with your grades and knowing ...

why should i study bioinformatics

I am interested in bioinformatics how good is this career? #university #research #japan...



Aijaz Pasha’s Avatar
Active Sep 02 '17 at 00:43

1 answers

Posted by Leion E.’s Avatar Leion E.
Aijaz Pasha’s Avatar
Aijaz Pasha Bioinformatics is complicated. One needs to learn statistics, both frequentist and ...

Would University of California, Berkeley accept me If I kept these grades up? ENG - 102 Trig - 98.37 Science - 96.32 Global History - 95.5

I'm a Sophomore and I really really want to get into Berkeley. What things would I need to do, other than have good grades, in order to have a higher chance for getting into Berkeley ? #college #university #berkeley...



Gabriel Fig’s Avatar Felicia G Meadows’s Avatar
Active Aug 16 '17 at 19:51

2 answers

Posted by Sami F.’s Avatar Sami F.
Gabriel Fig’s Avatar
Gabriel Fig | Experienced Higher Educational Professional & Certified Appreciative Advisor Hi Sami, Thanks for posting your question. First, I'd like to ...

What are some job options for someone with a degree in theoretical physics?

I'm going to university next year and hope to get a degree in physics, notably theoretical, and I really have no idea what jobs could also include my passion in it! #university #physics #occupation...



VGG-Consulting (Vesselin Gueorguiev)’s Avatar
Active Aug 15 '17 at 08:52

1 answers

Posted by Vanessa C.’s Avatar Vanessa C.
VGG-Consulting (Vesselin Gueorguiev)’s Avatar
VGG-Consulting (Vesselin Gueorguiev) | International Instructor/Research Scholar in Physics & Mathematics willing ... Almost everything around us could be viewed through the physics point ...

How do you address recipients in your email professionally?

Hello! I'm currently a freshman university student, and I send a lot of emails through my university email, to professors and university staff alike. I've done research on the right ways to email professors, reading tons and tons of articles but a Google search can't seem to help me. It's a...

#professional-training #communications #university #communication-skills #professional-development #professionalism #college #personal-development #email


Kim Igleheart’s Avatar Jeff Sloan’s Avatar Carole Curtis’s Avatar Shana Mays’s Avatar +2
Active Aug 15 '17 at 08:51

6 answers

Posted by Brenda S.’s Avatar Brenda S.
Kim Igleheart’s Avatar
Kim Igleheart | Employment Counselor | Open Records Specialist Depending on the purpose of the e-mail, you could always consider ...

How do you keep yourself motivated when studying a subject you really don't like?

I love the program I'm taking, but there are some courses that are mandatory and not related to my field. It's easy to get motivated to study most of the courses, but the other mandatory courses also affect my GPA. So, how do I motivate myself to study hard and do very well on the courses that...

#personal-development #studying #university #studying-tips #study-skills


Nina Chaney’s Avatar JoAnna Deering’s Avatar Kathy Clapp’s Avatar Julia Casciato’s Avatar +3
Active Aug 15 '17 at 08:50

7 answers

Posted by Ursula G.’s Avatar Ursula G.
Nina Chaney’s Avatar
Nina Chaney | Team Coordinator I take frequent breaks, listen to music that's going to keep ...

How do I decide what I want to do for the rest of my life? I want to do so much and do not know how to limit myself.

I am struggling with what I want to study and then do after college because so much appeals to me, but I do not know what to do. Right now, I am looking to possibly transfer schools because one school offers more options for me to explore, but I also love what I am studying at my school now....

#college-selection #career #university #college-major #college #undecided #career-counseling #career-path #careers


Gary Stephen Petito’s Avatar Kim Igleheart’s Avatar
Active Aug 15 '17 at 08:50

2 answers

Posted by Alexa B.’s Avatar Alexa B.
Gary Stephen Petito’s Avatar
Gary Stephen Petito | Career Guru Hi, Good question. You have a good answer above from Kim ...

What are some good questions to ask the interviewer to get a better understanding of the company you work for

to prepare yourself for the interview and look more prepared #computer-software #computer #management #university #accounting #marketing-and-advertising...



John Curry’s Avatar Charles M Hurd’s Avatar Sarah Chapman’s Avatar Jordan Kryshak’s Avatar +4
Active Aug 15 '17 at 08:47

8 answers

Posted by Abbas E.’s Avatar Abbas E.
John Curry’s Avatar
John Curry | Regional Sales Manager at Steelcase I believe asking the interviewer about their journey and understanding why ...
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