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how much money do you make as a vet?

well i love animals and i will do anything for them and because i wanna know how much i rally do make....


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How would I go about becoming at vet?

Hi my name is savannah, I'm a 9th grader at city charter high school. I wanted to know more about this because I love animals and I want to help them. Does anyone have any stories that might help me? Thanks...


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Where can I study to become a veterinarian in California and how long would it take?

Hey, I am a 10th grader searching a school for when I graduate I could study the science of animals and to help animals as well. I would love to know where in California (Bay Area if possible) I can study this because I heard there was only a few but really don't know where they are. I want to...


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Can a zoologist be a veterinarian as well?

I am currently in college studying Biology. My career path is to be a veterinarian but I want to work with wild animals more that domestic. I been looking at other career options and found zoology and became very interested. I am also very interested in working with marine animals but I would...

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What should I major in?

I love animals. I want to become a veterinarian but I don't know what I should major in. #veterinarian...


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do u have to have good grades?

i would like to know that do i have to have experience to be at vet or a teacher because maybe i wouldn't learn that much about it or something and i wonder do i have to have a good grades to be able to have good spot to be a vet like being to give the shots or to be able to do many more stuff...

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What careers can I fulfill that will combine my interest in both becoming a veterinarian and also a social worker?

Hello, my name is Chantel, and I am currently a senior. I will be starting my first year in college in Franklin and Marshall next fall, and I desire in becoming a social worker and a veterinarian for years though I have been receiving some disapproval in just choosing one career since both are...

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