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Should I become a veterinarian?

I am asking this question because I have loved animals sense they where small and i would also like to give them a second chance. Also I would like to help the animals by giving them a healthier live. #veterinary-medicine...



Sustainability of being a vet

I am currently doing an internship at a vet clinic. I really love being there and everyone is pleasant and nice. I like the environment and am not afraid of surgery etc. however, sometimes the vets complain about how tiring the work is etc. I was wondering if most vets feel this way, that after...

#veterinary #animals #veterinary-medicine

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Working with animals, while having allergies is it worth it?

I love animals, and I would love a job where I could work in animal rehabilitation. However, I do have allergies against them. For those who have allergies and are working in this field, what do you do? Do you take medication? Does your body eventually grow immune to the dander? Do you find...

#veterinary #veterinarian #veterinary-medicine

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