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If I want to become a pediatrician, what major should I begin with?

I plan on doing a double major, so I would like to know which ones I should take to pursue a career as a pediatrician....



Active Jan 25 at 09:05

1 answers

Posted by Blessing N.
Roger Little | Deputy Director, Division of Neuroscience and Behavior at ... To be a medical doctor you should be in the pre-med ...

What are some fields that work with children?

I'm mostly interested in mental health like child psychologist but open to any other focuses with children. I think it's good to have a back up plan for college just in case. Thx!...



Active Jan 24 at 17:52

1 answers

Posted by Martha S.
Nancy Hamp, MA | Organizational Leadership • Assessment and Interviewing • Educational ... Martha, Besides child psychologists, teachers, preschool directors, social workers, physical therapists, ...

Is there anyone who likes being a social worker? If so, what about it do you like?

I’m passionate about helping kids overcome obstacles and I’ve had a bit of experience taking care of and being the head organizer of activities for a family whose kids who are pretty messed up because of their parents and who have had a brush with the system. Everyone I’ve talked to who is a...

#socialwork #working-with-children


Active Jan 16 at 12:37

1 answers

Posted by Hannah B.
Kim Igleheart | Employment Counselor | Open Records Specialist Oh my gosh, Hannah!! I'm so sorry about this! There are ...

What is the best school for a working adult/parent in DC area?

I live in greater DC area, working adult and parent full time both. #scholarships...



Active Jan 16 at 10:37

0 answers

Posted by Andre S.

whats the highest degree or certification to become a preschool teacher?

i grew up helping taking care of kids , and i play school sometimes with my younger siblings and enjoy being there kinder teacher so now that i'm older in want to become one . #children...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:11

2 answers

Posted by Valerie R.
Daniela Silva | Educational Writer- New Heights Educational Group Hi Valerie, Education requirements to become a preschool teacher vary. Public ...

What are some tips on becoming a pediatrician?

I would like to know any and everything I can from any and every source about becoming an awesome and loving pediatrician. How can I get my patients to be comfortable around me? Any tips on this topic would be really nice and helpful. #pediatrics #babies...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:46

1 answers

Posted by Sameeha R.
Danish Jamal | Client Technical Support Representative at Dell What is a Pediatrician? A pediatrician is a physician who specializes ...

What are the steps one needs to take in order to become a pediatric nurse? Internships? Classes?

I am a Senior in high school and I want to be a pediatric nurse because I love children. I have worked at a camp around children. I have volunteered at a camp with all girls. I have interned at a school in the third grade class. Is there anything else I could do? If these aren't good things to...

#health #pediatrics #nursing #working-with-children


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:05

1 answers

Posted by Karen B.
Teresa Bentley | NICU Nurse Manager at Baptist Memorial Hospital for ... Dear Karen- You are going to be so prepared! That is ...

What major should I study to do pre-med and become a child psychiatrist?

What is a good college major to eventually be a child psychiatrist? #pre-med #children #child-psychiatrist #medical-practice #child-development...



Active Mar 12 at 10:46

2 answers

Posted by Sarah K.
John A Perrotti MD | Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon/ There is no specific major required for pre-med, although there are ...

What are the benefits of being a pediatrician?

What are some of the benefits and how would some of these help me #pediatrician #pediatric-nursing #children #working-with-children...



Active Aug 29 '17 at 17:03

1 answers

Posted by De'Asia S.
Daniela Silva | Educational Writer- New Heights Educational Group Hi, It's all you-know-what and giggles. Well, not all. But being ...

How is the work schedule like for anesthesiologists and what does their daily routine look like?

I have always wanted to be in the medical feild for as long as I could remember. For a long period of time I was really interested in becoming a surgeon but as I got older I didn't eel it was right for me and while watching tv series and talking with my mom I learned more about...

#majors #work-life-balance #anesthesiologist #working-with-children #daily-life #career-details


Active Aug 15 '17 at 08:51

1 answers

Posted by Tiahna D.
Steve Lewis | Assistant Vice President, Information Security These people are highly paid. But, the schedule can be rough ...

What kind of careers are out there working with young children?

I really want to work with young kids, newborn to about kindergarten, but I don't want to be a teacher (typical, I know) and I don't really want to work in a daycare. I've even thought about being a pediatric nurse or neonatal nurse but I don't know if I could really handle seeing little cute...

#working-with-kids #career #working-with-children #college #nurse #social-work


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:09

3 answers

Posted by Erinise S.
Bailey Benado | Occupational Therapist Hello Erinise, I had the same exact question when I was ...

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