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How do you get started?

I'm entrepreneurs how do you become successful? How would you maintain a stable business that is sustainable?...



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Posted by Nolan J.’s Avatar Nolan J.
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G. Mark Stewart | Adjunct Professor Engineering Let me go through the essential steps I lay out for ...

Is a dual major in Computer Science and Math a good combination?

I'm currently graduating from community college, ready to transfer to the university. My associates will be in Java. Are math and computer science a good dual major? I'm also minoring in education. #stem #stem-education #java #math #mathematics #computer-science #computer-programming...

#dualmajor #teaching #education #teacher


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3 answers

Posted by Amanda R.’s Avatar Amanda R.
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Kris Nan | SAT tutor and High School COunselor CS is a great major. It opens a lot of doors ...

What classes will better prepare me for the emerging market of IT Security?


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Posted by Dennis M.’s Avatar Dennis M.
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G. Mark Stewart | Adjunct Professor Engineering First I'll give you the more obvious answer. You should start ...

What are some good scholarship apps to download?

Is there any apps for iPhone that help you earn scholarships? #scholarships...



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Posted by Olivia F.’s Avatar Olivia F.
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Lydia Norris | Financial Aid Officer Hello, is a good site for scholarships. I reference so ...

How much of an income difference is there between a Master's in Psychology and a Ph D in Psychology?

I'm taking a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and considering graduate school. I'm wondering how much more money someone with a Ph D would make vs. someone with a Masters working as a counsellor/therapist? #psychology #therapy #phd #masters-degree #therapists #family-therapy...

#social-science-phd #group-therapy


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2 answers

Posted by Emma R.’s Avatar Emma R.
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Carl Manson Jr., PMP | Principal Engineer Hi. Don't be fooled by my title. I have degree in ...

Bachelor's versus Associate's

Is it true that a Bachelor's degree in anything will open up more doors than simply an associates? I'm studying fashion design at my community college and my time for completion is coming to an end. Should I settle for just the AAS or consider transferring? If I do transfer, will any school be...

#fashion #fashion-design #aas


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3 answers

Posted by Iriss P.’s Avatar Iriss P.
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Kim Igleheart | Employment Counselor | Open Records Specialist Iriss,Before continuing with a 4 yr degree in Fashion Design, I ...

What is your advice for a sophomore in high school, who wants to go to a competitive college?

I am currently a sophomore in high school, and I plan to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design. I want to major in textiles and have a minor degree in fashion illustration to participate in runway fashion. Is there any advice on how to be more competitive so I can strive to getting...

#arts #fashion #art #high-school


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Posted by Faith J.’s Avatar Faith J.
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Michelle Marotta | Certified Life Coach Hello, Faith J. -What an exciting plan for a creative and ...

I want to be a fashion designer and I want to make a difference in the world. Can someone help me please. Which steps should I take?

My first and second years in college I was mainly focus on surviving. At 18, I had nowhere to live and no help from anyone. Working full time I was completely distracted and couldn’t focus on school. Now I own financial aid and I can’t start school unless I pay them back. I know what I want...

#fashion #college #finance


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Posted by Maron K.’s Avatar Maron K.
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Megan Reynolds-Littles | Field Sales and Service at SRP Companies Hey Maron,I completely understand your frustration. I'm still paying back student ...

What is the best way to get a start in the Fashion industry with the eventual goal of starting your own business?

I am a senior in high school nearly 100% set for college with my major, orientation date, and all--but I'm unsure of how to get to the point of being a bridal fashion designer with my own business. I know the Fashion industry is generally a tough career to find a start in, especially concerning...

#fashion #fashion-industry #fashion-design


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Posted by Graciela V.’s Avatar Graciela V.
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Hyam Fayed | Visual Experience Designer Like you said, the fashion industry is really hard to get ...

How important is travel to becoming educated, intellectual and well- rounded?

It always seems as if the most interesting and thought- provoking people that I meet are those who have traveled the world and had many experiences. Do you think traveling is essential to becoming the most educated, influential and intellectual person one can be? #travel #education #importance...



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Posted by Emily S.’s Avatar Emily S.
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Eva Brune | Museum Fundraiser I do think that travelling is very helpful to becoming well-rounded ...

Video Game Designer

It's not necessarily a question for me, but my little sister seems to want to do game design. She dreams of working with Nintendo. She's in sixth grade, what kind of things can she do to explore this topic and see if it's something she should pursue? #video-games #video-game-design...



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Posted by Iriss P.’s Avatar Iriss P.
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Christy Marx | Writer & Narrative Designer I'm a woman who has worked in game design for nearly ...

What are some methods to reduce the cost of medical school/pay off debt effectively?

Even though medical school is several years away for me, I would like to be prepared in advance. I've seen that med school is quite the hassle in terms of finances and debt, but that the result is worth it, including the income from a residency after med school. Are there any other ways to...

#school #financial-services #psychology #medical-school #psychiatry #graduate-school #medicine #premed #debt


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Posted by Mariya T.’s Avatar Mariya T.
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Sean Buchan | Wealth Management Banking Specialist at Merrill Lynch Medical school is one of the few schools I believe are ...

With all the expenses that come with adulthood (bills, food, rent, etc.), how do you balance them all and anticipate surprise costs?

All of these expenses add on top of your student debt, so how do you handle them for a stable financial future? #student-loans #student-debt #debt #financial-planning #financial-aid #financial-services #scholarships...



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Posted by Madeline G.’s Avatar Madeline G.
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Sean Buchan | Wealth Management Banking Specialist at Merrill Lynch Base your spending on your income, no on what you want. ...

As a student interested not in just getting rich quick, how can one really learn how to invest their money wisely?

Too often we hear that education systems don't prepare us for real life, but I think they are trying to improve this. But what are some great resources to learn about money management and wealth as a student? #investing #real-estate-investing #money-management...



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Posted by Alisha S.’s Avatar Alisha S.
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Laron Henderson | Tech Expert at Verizon Wireless Some good resources, are Dave Ramsey's book The Total Money Makeover. ...

What degree would educate one enough to open their own coffee shop up?

I'm aiming to get my associates degree and creating a plan to revise over the course of school so that once I complete my two years, I can follow my plan and open my coffee shop. Is an Associates degree enough to open my business or should I get a higher degree? #business #college #coffeeshop...

#businesswoman #businessowner #associates


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3 answers

Posted by Maggie W.’s Avatar Maggie W.
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Sophia Possidon | Account Executive | Account Management | Sales Optimization ... If you were to go to school any business degree is ...

How difficult is it to double major in two oppposite fields?

I'm graduating high school this year and I want to be an urban planner. I was going to major in geography (for my career), but I also have a passion for theatre and music, so I was going to major in musical theatre as well with a minor in something like public administration/communications,...

#urban-planning #theatre #musical-theatre


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3 answers

Posted by robert B.’s Avatar robert B.
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Jessica Daum | Senior Specialist - Technology Development Program at AT&T Hello Robert!I just finished up double-majoring in Computer Science and Musical ...
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Rafailia Bampasidou | Freelance Musician at Raflak Major companies offer internships mostly regarding copyrights and publishing rights.Also, some ...

Do i need to go to a preforming arts school to be more successful as an actor?

For as long as i can remember i wanted to be an actor, I've done auditions before, been in plays and felt really good about myself. Now that I'm close to becoming a senior i'm not sure what to do with my future in college. So what i'm asking is, is it a step that i need to take to be a Film...

#television #theatre #nyu #acting #musical-theatre #film-acting


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2 answers

Posted by Alex H.’s Avatar Alex H.
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Jessica Daum | Senior Specialist - Technology Development Program at AT&T Hello Alex, If you are wanting to do theatre professionally, there ...
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Jessica Daum | Senior Specialist - Technology Development Program at AT&T Hello Lizbeth, Have you looked at big schools? A lot of ...

How do I get my foot in the door in the theatre world?


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2 answers

Posted by Olivia D.’s Avatar Olivia D.
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Jessica Daum | Senior Specialist - Technology Development Program at AT&T Hello Olivia, If you are just wanting to participate on the ...

How do I determine my major?

I'm stuck deciding between a few majors. How do I narrow it down? Is it better to go in undeclared? #majors #major #college-major #choosing-a-major...



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3 answers

Posted by Anika F.’s Avatar Anika F.
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Ria Jagasia | Academic Consultant at AIC Education Unless your school makes it hard to switch majors, I don't ...

Can I get a minor in Music(vocals) while also getting my bachelors in fashion?

I am not really sure how minors work... do they require you to make more work meanwhile your bachelors is something you will be more based on.... does it make your graduation prolong? # #music...



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2 answers

Posted by Eimee D.’s Avatar Eimee D.
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Lashay Taylor | --Career Counselor, Educator, and Motivator Hi Eimee:. Thank you for this question. A lot of first-year ...

Why? ? ?

Just why you choose the job you have. Why you choose to do this one job almost every day for the rest of your life....



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3 answers

Posted by wendy N.’s Avatar wendy N.
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Roger Hancock | Corporate Volunteer Program Management <span style="color: rgb(67, 58, 83);">If you have a job you love… ...

Should I participate in a college curricular band with a possible minor in music or join a club band?

I am definitely going to do marching band, and I know some colleges require curricular band to participate. However, not all of the schools I applied to require this. #band #music...



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1 answers

Posted by Ethan H.’s Avatar Ethan H.
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Jessica Daum | Senior Specialist - Technology Development Program at AT&T Hello Ethan!It really depends on how much you want to commit ...

How extendable is the practice of Accounting in the real world, aside from bookkeeping?

Where else, aside from the big four or an accounting department can I work with a degree in Accounting #accountant #banker #cpa...



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2 answers

Posted by Valerie G.’s Avatar Valerie G.
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Naimah Allie | CA(SA), CPA - PwC Deals Manager, Project Management ... Hi Valerie,I am a qualified Chartered Accountant from South Africa and ...

How to be successful with the race & gender inequality?

It's hard enough being a person of color in America & the World . It makes it even more difficult when you're a female. I'm inquiring further knowledge on success stories of WOC defeating all the odds against them and paving the path to their future even after facing so many trials and...

#gender #general #race #social #career-path #education #inequality


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2 answers

Posted by Eboni B.’s Avatar Eboni B.
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Kim Gravell | Principal at Gravell Insights, LLC Hi EboniThat is a great question. And I think the answer ...

Do women in the predominantly male Engineering field face challenges of being heard and/or taken seriously in the professional workplace?

I am a female engineering student and I often find myself being isolated in the classroom setting by the overwhelming majority of male students. I feel as if some of my ideas and contributions are not heard or simply looked over due to being female in a "male oriented" career. I am curious to...

#swe #women-in-stem


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2 answers

Posted by Sydney R.’s Avatar Sydney R.
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Setia Budiman | Dell Business Operations (DBO) Talent Programs - Rotation ... Hi Sydney, thank you for your question. This is a real ...
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Lillian Wang | Career Counselor There are many different options for a BME degree, and you ...

How can I cope with not getting being able to afford your dream school?

I have unfortunately set my mind on one school. Although I am applying to multiple, I can only really see myself at this one school. The problem is if I don't get a chunk of financial aid, then it will be really hard for me to actually attend that institution. How can I cope so I won't be...

#college #scholarship #college-admissions #financial-aid #finance


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2 answers

Posted by Julia E.’s Avatar Julia E.
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Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential  It really does not matter what school you attend, as the ...

What are some really good study skills?

I'm interested in nursing #pediatricnursing #nursing #nurse...



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Posted by Isabelle M.’s Avatar Isabelle M.
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