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Catherine Jun 09, 2020 2595 views

Should I go into bussiness or medicine

I change my mind a lot and want to do something that is I enjoy every day. I feel that business is broad and it is so much you can do with a business major, however, being a doctor is so straightforward because having a medical degree is just being a doctor. I have always wanted to be a doctor...

jasmine’s Avatar
jasmine May 15, 2020 573 views

How can I learn to make a lot of money as a 16 year old that doesn't have a specific passion?

How do I skip all the bs (university, Amazon affiliates etc)and get straight into the nitty gritty of money making (as a 16 y/o) #money

Jack’s Avatar
Jack May 15, 2020 262 views

What are the benefits of starting University within the Undeclared Arts, as compared to starting in one area of the arts, Does give the same experience?

Thinking of going into the arts and social sciences, but I am unsure of a single area as compared to the undeclared arts. #undeclared arts

diety’s Avatar
diety Aug 26, 2018 418 views

Does switching majors cost more money?

I heard from many can't choose their majors right away and change them many times. Do you have to pay each time you decide to switch or is it free? #majors #savemoney

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher May 15, 2020 385 views

Do certificate coarse add to a science related resume (neuroscience) such as certificate coarse from coursera or edX?

Undergraduate student studying neuroscience and psychology #psychology #neuroscience #biology