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Posted on Feb 21, 2017

I want to become a mechanical engineer.

Context: I am interested because my dad is an engineer.
College: I want to go to Oklahoma State University because most of my family went there.
Other Education: I would like to get a degree in mechanical engineering.
Activities: I am in the Robotics Club at Pike Middle School.
Job Experience: I dont have a job.
Soft Skills: N/A
Hard Skills: N/A
Other: N/A #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineer

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Brian M.’s Avatar
Brian M. Mar 28, 2017 671 views

I'm currently a Biology, Wildlife&Conservation Science, and Film major. Should I switch to engineering, computers, or something along those lines?

I'm currently a Biology, Wildlife&Conservation Science, and Film major. I'm mildly regretting not majoring in computer science, engineering, or something along those lines, but I'm already a junior. I'm performing poorly in my classes lately...I'm a smart person, I've just been unmotivated...

#mechanical-engineering #science #engineering #environmental-science #wildlife-biology #biology #computer-science #biotechnology

Sergio S.’s Avatar
Sergio S. May 30, 2017 411 views

What are some related careers that I should consider?

Because he wanted to know if any specific career would be mechanical or architect or art...


Madeleine H.’s Avatar
Madeleine H. Aug 31, 2017 397 views

If I want to engineer Medical Devices, what should I minor in with my mechanical engineering degree?

I really want to engineer medical devices. I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering but I want to impress employers. What could I minor in to impress them. #medical-device #college #college-recruiting...


Kanwarpreet G.’s Avatar
Kanwarpreet G. Oct 23, 2017 4161 views

Where and how can I job shadow a Mechanical Engineer?

I decided to do my Senior Project on Job Shadowing a Mechanical Engineering. I want to learn about the job and see how the lifestyle is. I also want to know if I really want to pursue these career. #mechanical-engineering #job-shadowing #engineering #mechanical-or-industrial-engineering...


Jayden P.’s Avatar
Jayden P. Jan 12, 2018 246 views

Is it better to just do Automotive engineering or do a combination of mechanical and electrical engineering?

Specifically I would do Mechanics and Power and I want to do research and development for an automotive company specifically doing propulsion systems. Things like drivetrain and the engine. Since the future is electric power, I think it is a good idea to have the knowledge of electrical...

#masters-degree #mechanical-engineering #research-and-development #electric-vehicles #automotive-engineering #electrical-engineering #electrical-and-electronic-manufacturing #mechanics

colin O.’s Avatar
colin O. Jan 16, 2018 205 views

Are there better job opportunities outside or inside the United States?

I want to be an engineer and need to determine if working inside America or outside would be a better prospect #mechanical-engineering...


Spencer M.’s Avatar
Spencer M. Jan 16, 2018 341 views

How do you decide on a major?

I have no indication of any field I particularly enjoy and would want to spend the future working in. I don't have much of an idea on how to try and narrow down my interests and decide on a major #college-majors...


Esther A.’s Avatar
Esther A. Jan 17, 2018 281 views

As a mechanical engineer when did you pick out what specific you wanted to work at?

I'm in my second year of school and I feel like I am behind because I do not know what I want to do with this degree yet. There is no specific subfield that I want to go into....


William K.’s Avatar
William K. Jan 17, 2018 179 views

Is WSU widely recognized in the engineering community?

I'm looking to go into a career in engineering, and I've applied to UW, but am also applying to WSU as a backup. My GPA is well above 3.5, so I know that I can get into UW for sure (they have guaranteed admission for those with a GPA of 3.5 or greater). If I don't make it into engineering at...

#mechanical-engineering #engineering

Spencer L.’s Avatar
Spencer L. Jan 18, 2018 212 views

Which industries are in need of more mechanical engineers?

I am debating between civil and mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering is so much more broad, just curious if I'm interested in the industries that are most pursuing Mechanical Engineers....


DeVante B.’s Avatar
DeVante B. Jan 19, 2018 218 views

Is it true that a person's major/degree doesn't necessarily set one up for a career in that field?

If I'm majoring in Mechanical Engineering, for example, but over time find a new branch of engineering that is more appealing, would having that degree be a waste?...


Jacqueline M.’s Avatar
Jacqueline M. Jan 20, 2018 256 views

How do you change your major after starting college?

I'm not sure what I'll be studying yet but I am leaning towards medicine, chemistry or music. I feel like I'm going to end up changing my major, and I would like to know ahead of time how to do it. #medicine #chemistry #music...


Andrea J.’s Avatar
Andrea J. Jan 20, 2018 302 views

Balancing reality and a dream?

I've wanted to study engineering, more specifically mechanical, since before I entered high school. And although I still love the discipline and have no doubts about my desire, I know that one reason I like the path is that it is relatively secure. But recently, I've had a dream of going into...

#sports #mechanical-engineering #sports-media #dreams #engineering

Juan H.’s Avatar
Juan H. Jan 21, 2018 327 views

Can someone who stutters, be successful as a mechanical engineer?

I always wanted to be a mechanical engineer but, I am scared my speech disability might get in my...