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Posted on Feb 21, 2017

I want to become a mechanical engineer.

Context: I am interested because my dad is an engineer.
College: I want to go to Oklahoma State University because most of my family went there.
Other Education: I would like to get a degree in mechanical engineering.
Activities: I am in the Robotics Club at Pike Middle School.
Job Experience: I dont have a job.
Soft Skills: N/A
Hard Skills: N/A
Other: N/A #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineer

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Glenn’s Answers

shahid S.’s Avatar
shahid S. May 03, 2016

How can I become a mechanical engineer?

I'm going to 1st PUC in India and would like to know what subjects I should study to become an engineer. #software #engineering #mechanical-engineering #college...


Madeleine H.’s Avatar
Madeleine H. Aug 31, 2017

If I want to engineer Medical Devices, what should I minor in with my mechanical engineering degree?

I really want to engineer medical devices. I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering but I want to impress employers. What could I minor in to impress them. #medical-device #college #college-recruiting...


Mackenzie H.’s Avatar
Mackenzie H. Oct 22, 2015

What type of engineers make cars or buildings

I am in 6th grade and want to take the early steps to get the job I want in the future, Thanks for the feedback #engineering #engineers #mechanical-engineer...


Alex E.’s Avatar
Alex E. Mar 24, 2017

What are some good and bad impacts mechanical engineering have on society?

I am a middle schooler at gene pike middle school and is doing research for a project. #engineering #mechanical-engineering...


Bennett H.’s Avatar
Bennett H. Mar 09, 2017

Does it matter what degree I get to be a product designer (BID, BDes, BA, BS, etc.)?

I'd like to pursue product design as a major in college and I can't really find any substantial information how it influences potential employers or the extremity of the differences between them. I'm interested in industrial design for consumer products (and UI/UX, but that's a different...

Caleb P.’s Avatar
Caleb P. Oct 27, 2016

I am planning to major in Mechanical Engineering and am taking all the math classes that I can. Is there anything else I should do to better prepare myself for college?

I am the youngest of 4 children and I am trying to do everything I can to limit the cost to my parents and myself for college. All of my siblings have degrees that they and my parents have shared the cost of. To that end, I am taking AP classes and am also enrolled in a Calculas II class...

#mechanical #engineer

kirubel W.’s Avatar
kirubel W. Oct 29, 2016

How did you choose that major from all the other majors out there?

its hard for me to settle down and actually pursue mechanical engineering. #mechanical-engineering...


Nathaniel P.’s Avatar
Nathaniel P. Oct 30, 2016

As a potential Engineering major, I would like to know the possibility of pursuing Engineering as well as Vocal Teaching at the same time.

I love music, and have played piano for thirteen years. I have been in my school choir for seven years, and I made first chair All-State Choir last year. I would love to incorporate music into my every day life. #mechanical-engineering #music-performance...


Caitlyn V.’s Avatar
Caitlyn V. Oct 31, 2016

I'm currently a senior in high school and plan to get a masters in Biomedical engineering. If i want to work in prosthetics, would mechanical engineering or materials science be a better undergrad degree?

I fell in love with engineering early on in my high school career but finding the right engineering field is a challenge. There are so many that appeal to me. I spent time at a biomedical engineering company over the summer and they are working on tissue regeneration and I found it fascinating,...

#materials-science #mechanical-engineering #biomedical-engineering #biomedical

Jakob O.’s Avatar
Jakob O. Oct 31, 2016

What type of Engineering is associated with the roller coaster industry?

I am interested in becoming an engineer and would like to eventually work for a roller coaster company. I would like to know which specialization I should go for my degree. #business #engineering #civil-engineering #architecture #mechanical-engineer...


Jose  H.’s Avatar
Jose H. Oct 30, 2016

What type of jobs are available for people who major in mechanical engineering?

I am asking this because I am currently completing my senior year of high school and college is around the corner and I would like to know what my future possibilities would be before I commit to a certain major. #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineer #robotics...


Jose  H.’s Avatar
Jose H. Oct 30, 2016

What college courses should someone wanting to pursue mechanical engineering take so that they are well prepared for the future?

I will be beginning college in a few months giving the fact that I am completing my last year of high school and I would like to pursue a job in the mechanical engineering line of work and I was wondering what classes I should take so that I will be best prepared for my future to come....

#mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineer

Matthew S.’s Avatar
Matthew S. Oct 30, 2016

Is knowing electronics an important part of mechanical engineering?

Hey all, I've been part of FIRST for 5 years now, 4 being in FRC, and I've been focusing more on the mechanical side of things rather than learning the electronic components. I do know the basics, but should I try to get a better understand over the course of this...

Jose  H.’s Avatar
Jose H. Oct 30, 2016

What would be a better choice for me to choose robotic engineering or mechanical engineering?

I have participated in the robotics club at my school all four years of my high school life, it is something that I have grown to love and I am curious on what would be better if I was wanting to pursue something in the same line of work. #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineer #robotics...


Aspen E.’s Avatar
Aspen E. Oct 29, 2016

Is finding a job in the engineering field hard when you first graduate college with your degree?

Does getting the degree mean I'll be able to find a job easily or do most companies need a lot of experience first? #engineering #mechanical-engineering...