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Annemarie C. Oct 04, 2013 8278 views

Did your college help you a lot to get your first job?

Hi, My name is Annemarie and I am in highschool. I heard that colleges have job offices that help students get jobs, but they do not guarantee jobs. Some of my older cousins said that they didn't think their college was very helpful for getting a job. Did you get your first job from your...

#jobs #college

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Heaven A. Oct 30, 2019 138 views

How do people advance in this field

I would love to work with people who likes their #job and that are very...

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shayla H. Nov 15, 2019 145 views

What physical requirements are needed for the cement masonry field?

I'm currently a Job Corps student in Washington state. I've been looking into the different trades to figure out what field I'd like to get into. So far my interests have been cement masonry, and forestry. I would appreciate your perspective on the practical aspects of working in cement. I have...

#construction #job-search

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Matthew F. Nov 15, 2019 67 views

What are three things i should know about Cement Mason?

#job Hi I am a Job Corps student I am trying to learn a little more about my trade. I have a few other questions regarding to the trade I want to do... 1. what are some values the cement company's look for in a person when they hire? 2. What steps do you recommend I take before I entering...


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Rana M. Apr 12 206 views

As recruiters, Do you make your decision according to GPA?

I am graduating in June from energy engineering. My accumulative GPA is 2.7 (B- in my country) and I don't know if this would be a problem in finding a job #electrical-engineering #engineer #job-application #job-search #gpa #entry-level #interviews #engineering...

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Christopher K. Jun 14 92 views

Are there any certificate licensed jobs I can get as an undergraduate other than a registered behavioral therapist that relate to the field of psychology?

Psych and Neuroscience second year undergrad student. I have a friends who enjoys teaching and is currently working as an RBT. I was curious if there are any other similar types of jobs which are true professions that I can begin as an undergrad without a bachelor's degree. #psychology #college...