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Sendil Kumar

Technical support
IT service sector
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Jessica Jul 14, 2020 6590 views

What is your favorite thing about working for the company?

#business #information-technology

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Orla Mar 19, 2020 559 views

In the context of COVID-19, how do you plan for a future that seems so uncertain?

Because of #COVID-19 I don't know what will happen to my plans of getting a job or furthering my studies in the summer. As an International student, my Visa also expires this year and my flight ticket back home is August. I have contemplated about how this is going to affect my plan of working...

David’s Avatar
David Mar 24, 2020 709 views

My school district has shut down for an extra week in my area due to COVID-2019 which isn't a big deal. As a senior tho it is hard to think that they might cancel school. I've been hearing rumors and even seeing in some news articles the state of Texas might postpone school for the rest of the year 2019-2020. I'm worried about how that'll affect me not gonna lie. Whether colleges think I failed to what job I apply for in the future... Any tips or advice? Thanks in advanced!

#college-advice #student #college #school #uncertain #covid-19

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Denise Jun 18, 2020 521 views

How can technology affect your career in the future?

#technology #tech