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Caroline H. Jul 17 85 views

Finding painting jobs

My struggle is to find a well-paying job in art. I have a BA in studio art, however, I am lacking 2+ years in a studio that some jobs require. Does anyone have any resources where I can look? #arts #fine-art #artist #the-arts...


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Tara W. Jul 17 104 views

Where can I find scholarships for college?

I am currently in the process of writing my applications to colleges, and I want to also apply for some scholarships but I'm not sure where to start. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on foundations or companies where they offer scholarships. Any resources are helpful! Thanks so much!...

#july20 #college #high-school #resources #scholarships

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Iqra T. Jul 17 184 views
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Kelly W. Jul 17 95 views

How to build a good relationship with your professors?

I heading into university and due to Covid-19, my first semester is going to be online. Of course, there are going to be many obstacles but the most troubling is connecting with professors. I want to get to know them as well as making myself known and that I want to excel in their class. But I...

#firstyear #july20 #professors #communication

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Chloe T. Jul 17 91 views

What can I do virtually to build up my OT grad school application?

Hi! I hoping to study OT in the future for grad school. However, due to COVID-19, I am not planning to volunteer at the hospital or old folks home. May I know what other things I can do virtually to build up a stronger OT grad school application? Thank you and I hope you are all staying safe!...

#july20 #graduate-school #application #schools #occupationaltherapy

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Chloe T. Jul 17 103 views

Social media marketing

May I know what are some go-to/required apps if I am looking to step foot into the social media marketing world without any prior experiences? Where can I get some useful free resources to build up my skills (SEO, marketing etc)? #social-media-marketing #july20 #social-media...

#marketing #social-networking

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Grace K. Jul 17 95 views

What kind of jobs are avaliable in the art industry right now?

I've always had an interest in studying art, it's one if the few things I enjoy learning and improving in. However, I'm not really sure what kind of careers I could have with an art degree. I'm mainly interested in design programs like game, digitial or 3D modeling design. #design #career #art...


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Grace K. Jul 17 100 views

What should I do to get a first time job?

I've made a basic resume, and because it's my first job I don't have much on it. It's basic, and has some skills and volunteer experience on it. But when I applied in store and online to about 20 places, none of them reached back to me. #first-job #entry-level #job-search #resume #july20 Is...

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Joshua H. Jul 17 67 views

How did you feel when you know your going far away from home to college?

I’m a 19 year old who is going to study computer engineering at Missouri of science and technology but I’m a bit nervous about not being able to see my family as...