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Jsai Dec 01, 2022 245 views

What companies to apply for?

Does anybody have any advice for a student pursuing software engineering? I've completed a few computer programming classes. What jobs would you encourage me to apply for?

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Jul 07, 2018 480 views

How do you avoid burnout (even if the work/studying you're doing is something you love)?

Specific info pertaining to a career in music education would help, but all answers from different areas of expertise are welcome #musiced #burnout #college #career

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Jul 26, 2022 230 views

Creative Burn-out tips?

How do you deal with burn-out? Specifically creative burnout. I feel like I'm running out of ideas for my story.

safa’s Avatar
safa Sep 23, 2022 296 views

volunteer hours needed!!

I’m trying to find virtual volunteer opportunities in Ontario, Canada. I can’t find anything though. Does anyone know of anything?


Jiaming’s Avatar
Jiaming Sep 27, 2022 175 views

Do a lot of jobs require coding skills?

I have no ideas about my future job. I want some suggestion from other people.

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Sep 27, 2022 290 views

College Major?

What majors are best for tech?

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Apr 09, 2021 533 views

How do you find what you want to major in college?

I am a current senior and planning on attending college at UCSC and am registered as undeclared. #College