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William F. Oct 19, 2016 490 views

What is the best major to become a computer modeling and simulation designer

I am maybe interested in providing computer generated simulations for the military computer-science computer-software...


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Yuri G. Jul 29, 2020 467 views

Are there jobs related to Complex Systems?

I've always been interested in complex systems, from network science to the study of emerging properties of multi agent systems. But at the moment I see complex systems more as a research field than a practical thing in the industry. Do you know if there are jobs related to complex systems?...

knowledge networks technology complexsystems it july20

Connor K.’s Avatar
Connor K. Aug 28, 2020 820 views

What are some classes to take for becoming a software engineer?

I've taken all the classes my highschool offers for software engineering and want to know what other classes I can take in college to become a software engineer. software...