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Ebagaoisan . Apr 10, 2013 1234 views

Is there any career options within the military regarding chemistry?

I am very interested in the military and chemistry and I was wondering if both subjects could be integrated together as my career. Right now I am considering majoring in chemistry in college but I still interested in being involved with the military. #chemistry...


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Jordan L. Feb 10, 2014 44403 views

What programming language should I try to learn first?

I am just learning to program in high school, but I am already learning HTML and CSS and Javascript. What should my next programming language be? I am going to go to college and I would like to start learning my next language now so I can be ahead of things for college. I know that "it...

#software-development #ruby #java #python #programming #computer-programming

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alicia M. Mar 05, 2019 80 views

What's wrong with public wifi?

I want to know why public wifi doesn't work....