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lexi R. Sep 30, 2020 734 views

Why does nothing interest me when it comes to careers, and how can i find one that does?

i've always been extremely indecisive. When it comes to thinking about my future, a million thoughts flood my mind. I dont have any specific thing that i think is realistic enough to achieve. i want to live a happy, money stable life, but where do i even start? #college

Natalia G.’s Avatar
Natalia G. Oct 01, 2020 920 views

What do you all think about getting work experience before an MBA? Is it necessary?

#business #career advice #career #future #graduate school

Natalia G.’s Avatar
Natalia G. Oct 01, 2020 534 views

What does an HR Generalist actually do?

#career-counseling #college-advice #human-resources