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Thomas Sutherland

Associate Continuity and Recovery Specialist, CBCP
Detroit, Michigan
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S.M. Asikul Islam’s Avatar
S.M. Asikul Islam Apr 07, 2021 240 views

What educationcal qualification is needed for studying CA?

#gpa #college-selection #federal-government #government #colleges

Amit’s Avatar
Amit Apr 08, 2021 200 views

Whic is good institue between IIBM Meerut or MIBM Global Noida for distance Executive MBA

Iam 45 years old, did my graduation in Commerce from Delhi University in 1997 and having 24 years of experience in aviation. #general

Palak’s Avatar
Palak Apr 07, 2021 184 views

What has your experience working as a trauma surgeon been like? What were you expecting when you first considered this career, and did it meet your expectations? If so, how? Thanks!

I am looking into working in EM. As of now, the career that makes most sense to me as a person, and fits my ideal image of a job is a trauma surgeon. #healthcare

Jav’s Avatar
Jav Mar 23, 2021 391 views

Flight Attendants, can you describe a typical workday as an FA?

I am 51 y/o, with a profesional college degree looking for a career change #flightattendant

Nate’s Avatar
Nate Mar 18, 2021 341 views

What kind of Job do you have if you went to school for construction work?

I am a middle school student. I would like to be a construction worker. I think that I would be pretty good at this job. #school #student #construction#classes #work

Jonathon’s Avatar
Jonathon Mar 18, 2021 131 views

What do you do as a public administration.

Randy Johnson.

Jonathon’s Avatar
Jonathon Mar 18, 2021 129 views

How did you get into construction.

Randy Johnson.

Evelynn’s Avatar
Evelynn Mar 18, 2021 237 views

Where is the best place to start, if someone wanted to work as an animator

#art #animator

jennel’s Avatar
jennel Mar 23, 2021 342 views

Is law an overpopulated field?

#law #lawyer

Omari’s Avatar
Omari Mar 16, 2021 190 views

How do you animate in Clip Art Studio?

I just downloaded it onto my phone and I was wondering if there is an actual way to animating in there.

#arts #gameart

tony’s Avatar
tony Mar 18, 2021 191 views

what is the best thing about transportation,distribution and logistics

#Transportation,distribution and logistics

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Mar 17, 2021 411 views

I am a 9th grader and I am interested in becoming a vet, I have a question for that, If you are a veterinarian is there anything you dislike/ like the least about your job?

#veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #job #career

caleb’s Avatar
caleb Mar 17, 2021 129 views

What are the hours like as a mechanic

I'm a 16 year old highschool student who is thinking about becoming a mechanic. #student

Antonio’s Avatar
Antonio Mar 01, 2021 245 views

How much money can i make majoring in sports management?

#income #money #salary

Kashay’s Avatar
Kashay Mar 01, 2021 489 views

what are the benifits of real estate?