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Thomas Sutherland

Associate Continuity and Recovery Specialist, CBCP
Detroit, Michigan
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America May 28, 2021 245 views

How does an average day in Immigration Customs look like?

#immigration #law #research #lawyer #law-school

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Eunice May 28, 2021 312 views

What does an average day as a forensic scientist look like?

Hi! I'm looking for a forensic scientist to interview for a career blog assignment.

#science #scientist #forensics

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Brionna May 20, 2021 211 views

What are the risk of being a criminal justice lawyer?

I'm interested in becoming a criminal justice lawyer so that I can defend the innocent people. #lawyer

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Dante May 24, 2021 203 views

How To Be Came A Model

I love to have fun.
music is eveything to me
I'm a animal person
one thing about me i love help people out
i take my work very seriously
I'm in the 11 grade
i'm very nice and kind person

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Iris May 23, 2021 184 views

what is the difference between studying medicine in England and the US?

Hi, I just set my mind to take the path of #surgeon, but I'm not sure which education system fits me the best. What is it like to study in these two countries? What are the different pathways to take to become a surgeon? I appreciate your answers to my question--your answers helps me a lot!...

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madeline May 24, 2021 192 views

What does a typical day look like for an anesthesiologist?


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Kyara May 25, 2021 250 views

What skills are needed to be a landscape designers?

#landscape #designer

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Norris May 25, 2021 138 views

What class do I have to take to be able to get my degree for sports medicine

My name is Norris and I want to learn a little more. About sport medicine and what to do to be able to be that . That’s if I don’t make it to the league I just wanna be involved with #sports.

Somtochukwu’s Avatar
Somtochukwu May 25, 2021 359 views

I want to work in law, how do I get started?

#law I’ve always loved it, and I can’t wait to pursue it!

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Bruce May 24, 2021 215 views

What is like working and being a mechanic?

Your routine for the day and what problems you face while working #mechanics #cars

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Noid May 11, 2021 485 views

What is it like being a clothing brand designer

#startups #any #international-relations

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Imani May 11, 2021 321 views

Do obgyns only consist of helping deliver babies ?

#obgyn #medicine #medical-school # #nurse-practitioner

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Lakiriaha May 11, 2021 202 views

Can someone tell me the training or background as a criminal investigator?

I want to know more about the work history or expertise. #career-counseling

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Ayanna May 11, 2021 287 views

Is it fun working/ being a pediatric dentist?

#dentist #dental-hygienist #dentistry #family-dentistry #dental

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Ayanna May 11, 2021 370 views

Do you regret becoming a Dentist?

#den #dentist #dentistry #dental-hygienist #dental

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paul May 11, 2021 311 views

perform skilled work for fixing cars


alishba’s Avatar
alishba May 11, 2021 153 views

my question is with which subjects i have to take ?

i am alishba citizen of india i am in big confusion. im in 12th grade im totally confused.. i need a guidance for a right path their is no one who is half percent is interested in zoology actually i here bcz i need a right guidance for future... thank you if you guys are going to help me. #student

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Avya May 11, 2021 181 views

Can you guide me to become a pilot in India

I want to become a pilot . My family & me are not having a complete guided idea in pilot course .
Can you please guide me to become a pilot
I'm currently in 10th class . I want to know want to do next to become a pilot in India .
#becomingpilot #flying #airplane #commercial-pilot

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jakiya May 10, 2021 224 views

What are some steps can i take to own a hospital ?

I am a currently a high school student very interested in the health administration field. One thing that i am working toward is owning a hospital.
#owner #medical-field

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maryam May 05, 2021 191 views

what are the steps to follow me for to become a commercial pilot

. I'm in 10 th standard .my sslc public exam is going well, only one exam is lefting .my amibition is to become a #commercial-pilot ,so that i'm taking science in higher secondary school .BUT I DON'T KNOW after that what are the steps for me for to become a #pilot #commercial-pilot .I hope...

adrian’s Avatar
adrian May 05, 2021 247 views

Whats the first thing im going to do in the army?

#marine-biology #marine-biology

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Tyrese May 05, 2021 210 views

If not college what’s the next best step?

#physician #experience

Tyrese’s Avatar
Tyrese May 05, 2021 208 views

Best jobs with high school diploma ?

#high-school #career

Kayse’s Avatar
Kayse May 05, 2021 320 views

What are some suggestion for a BBA?

I want get a Bachelors in Business Administration, would like to know more about it!
#Businesswoman #career #career-path

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Myezo May 05, 2021 400 views

What entry requirements for culinary school


Lakiriaha’s Avatar
Lakiriaha May 05, 2021 194 views

What should I be prepared for when I work in the criminal field?

I want to know what should be expected when begin working in the field. #curious

Lakiriaha’s Avatar
Lakiriaha May 05, 2021 277 views

If I only want to become a detective, do I have to be a police officer first?

I was wondering do I have to become a police officers , then be promoted to become a detective. #curious #knowledge

Ayanna’s Avatar
Ayanna May 05, 2021 303 views

What should I expect when taking college classes

I am currently a senior about to entertain college. I would like to know how it is taking major classes. #dentist #college #double-major

Kimbriel’s Avatar
Kimbriel May 05, 2021 320 views

What's a good way to balance everything out?

When I have to much things going on at one time, I can't balance everything out. I'm focused on one thing and forgetting about the other. #life #advice

Kiera’s Avatar
Kiera Apr 19, 2021 162 views

Is there a way that I can be taught to become a financial risk advisor?

I’m currently in my third year as a economics major but before that I was a computer science major. I switch it because it wasn’t for me. So now I decided that I want to become a financial risk advisor and I wanted to know can a person teach you how to become one after you graduate from college...

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mishaye Apr 14, 2021 420 views

What is the highest paid criminal justice career?

#career #criminaljustice

Ever’s Avatar
Ever Apr 13, 2021 380 views

What is the process to becoming a veterinarian?

#veterinarian #career

Clementine’s Avatar
Clementine Apr 14, 2021 329 views

What do I need to do right now to get ahead of everyone in a couple years?

My name is Clementine L. and I am currently a junior in high school. I'm planning on becoming a real estate agent in the future. #advice #real-estate #real-estate-advice #high-school #business #finance

Jada’s Avatar
Jada Apr 14, 2021 330 views

What steps should I take for choosing the best college for the career I want to go into?

I'm a junior, and I want to get a job in the animation industry. I recently moved from San Francisco to the Mississippi, and I'm struggling to find a school that would have a major that lines up with my career paths.

#career-paths #college #careers

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Joanne Apr 14, 2021 343 views

Is it ever too late to decide what career path you'd like to take?

I've always been interested in studying Business but I don't really know what I would follow up with a Business Major. #business

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Apr 14, 2021 194 views

Straight out of college were you able to get a job in the career you wanted?

I'm a high school student thinking about going into dentistry and i'm not sure how it's like to get a job in that profession #career

Jaiden’s Avatar
Jaiden Apr 14, 2021 366 views

What is the most efficient way to begin having an income and how should it be saved?

I have been wondering on how I should start saving my money, besides not spending it at all, so what should I do to begin saving, and also, how should I find a great way to have an income, especially when wanting to become an athlete or gamer. #career #stocks #money #gamer

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Ashley Apr 13, 2021 315 views

Volunteer jobs in medicine for minors?


helarie’s Avatar
helarie Apr 09, 2021 248 views

what is interesting to be come a flight attendant

#aviation #job-search #airline-industry

Alondra’s Avatar
Alondra Apr 09, 2021 271 views

I am not sure if I major in psychology or in social work or something else entirely?

I want to help children that are in foster care and/or coming from bad homes. #children #social-work #therapist

lydia’s Avatar
lydia Mar 18, 2021 244 views

What is your job and why did you choose it?

#job #jobs

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Garvin Apr 09, 2021 436 views

How do I get started?

I'm turning 18 in December and I want to start to learn more about investing, etc

Justine’s Avatar
Justine Apr 09, 2021 401 views

How to become a Fraud Analyst?

Good Morning,

I am interested in Fraud Analysis, I would like to know how to become one. What course you need to take. Where can I get an internship. #exams

Jadyn’s Avatar
Jadyn Apr 07, 2021 304 views

What is the most challenging aspect of being a nurse practitioner?

I want to work in the health care field, but I am still trying to figure out what part I want to do. I am between two professions right now and I want to know everything before I make a decision. #health

Tanner’s Avatar
Tanner Apr 05, 2021 245 views

What is a good way for a young farmer to grow their operation?

#farmer #ag #agriculture

S.M. Asikul Islam’s Avatar
S.M. Asikul Islam Apr 07, 2021 244 views

What educationcal qualification is needed for studying CA?

#gpa #college-selection #federal-government #government #colleges

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Amit Apr 08, 2021 201 views

Whic is good institue between IIBM Meerut or MIBM Global Noida for distance Executive MBA

Iam 45 years old, did my graduation in Commerce from Delhi University in 1997 and having 24 years of experience in aviation. #general

Palak’s Avatar
Palak Apr 07, 2021 186 views

What has your experience working as a trauma surgeon been like? What were you expecting when you first considered this career, and did it meet your expectations? If so, how? Thanks!

I am looking into working in EM. As of now, the career that makes most sense to me as a person, and fits my ideal image of a job is a trauma surgeon. #healthcare

Jav’s Avatar
Jav Mar 23, 2021 402 views

Flight Attendants, can you describe a typical workday as an FA?

I am 51 y/o, with a profesional college degree looking for a career change #flightattendant

Nate’s Avatar
Nate Mar 18, 2021 348 views

What kind of Job do you have if you went to school for construction work?

I am a middle school student. I would like to be a construction worker. I think that I would be pretty good at this job. #school #student #construction#classes #work