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Latianna M. Jun 10, 2015 831 views

How easy is it to find a job in being a director ?

I am Latianna Miller I am a student at hudson high school and i was wondering if its hard or easy to find a job in being a director #film #artist #director #cinematography #directing...


Nohealani P.’s Avatar
Nohealani P. May 12, 2016 482 views

what school should i go to?

i love to sing and i love music and i want to be famous. #music #film #social-media #media...


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Devetra C. May 16, 2017 607 views
Ryan D.’s Avatar
Ryan D. Jan 22, 2018 331 views

Is film school helpful for anything other than networking?

Right now I am not planning on going to film school and am very against it because I see it as a huge waste of time and money. The only thing people say it's useful for is networking what else does it have to offer? #film #filmmaking #filmmaker...


Jennifer K.’s Avatar
Jennifer K. Mar 19, 2018 417 views

How do you know if you're studying the right major?

I have some days where I'm not sure if I'm doing what I want to do for the rest of my life. I'm currently a film/tv major and it scares me sometimes when I think about other career paths that would be more profitable. #film #college-major...


Emma V.’s Avatar
Emma V. Apr 30, 2018 2921 views

Is it beneficial to pair a major in film with a business double major or minor?

Would it substantially increase my future career opportunities by majoring or minoring in business along with film? Would a more practical major such as business serve as a safety net or provide more options for my career in the future? Is it worth the extra courseload? #film #businessandfilm...


ahmed A.’s Avatar
ahmed A. Jun 28, 2018 365 views

film making or medicine or business??

my family wants me to got to medicine school because I am good at sciences all of my family are doctors but I am also good at theatre management and directed a school play before and wanted to go to a film making academy. I wasn't planning for the film making choice from a long time, intact I...

#director #film #science #medicine #business