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Iyana N. Apr 27 236 views

What type of engineering should I study?

I enjoy building things hands on, computers, and learning about electrical systems. Between, civil, software, mechanical and electrical engineering, I'm not sure which one to pick. Outside of those, Engineering management is also something I'm considering. Which one should I do....

student entrepreneurship

Estefania M.’s Avatar
Estefania M. Apr 27 246 views

How can I find a biological engineering job in a small startup company?

I am a Biological Engineering major graduating this August from Purdue University and am having a hard time finding a full time job since I do not have any internship/ work experience. engineer jobs first-job work human-resources internships biology...


sabin S.’s Avatar
sabin S. Apr 30 191 views

What about mechanical engineering

My name is sabin. I am a smart boy.i want to know about mechanical engineering...


leslie Q.’s Avatar
leslie Q. Apr 30 884 views

what is the diffrence between a associates degree and a bachelors degree?

I really want to be a nurse but dont really know what classes to take or how many years is better...


Sanskar G.’s Avatar
Sanskar G. May 02 281 views
Keo N.’s Avatar
Keo N. May 02 261 views

Can I attend two universities?

I committed to two colleges but college 1 starts in the summer 2021 and the college 2 starts in the fall 2021. I am planning on only staying at college 1 for the summer term and then dropping out. I plan on continuing at college 2 from fall till the end of my sophomore year. I plan on using my...

financial-aid human-resources fafsa finance

Ayanna N.’s Avatar
Ayanna N. May 05 194 views

What should I expect when taking college classes

I am currently a senior about to entertain college. I would like to know how it is taking major classes. dentist college...


Dariehl B.’s Avatar
Dariehl B. May 06 253 views

How to become a computer engineer without going to college?

advice on how to become a computer engineer and what i need to do to succeed in this...

rafael N.’s Avatar
rafael N. May 12 127 views

what course should i take im undecided

hi im rafael. can you help me for what course should i take for my college i dont know what i want...


Gianni D.’s Avatar
Gianni D. May 12 239 views

What are some Pros and Cons about Aerospace Engineering

I just want to learn about engineering overall Aerospace...


May D.’s Avatar
May D. May 16 213 views

What is the toughest part of being a civil engineer?

I aspire to be a civil engineer and work on projects to aids cities and peoples water access and housing. civil...