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Princess A. Jan 08, 2021 300 views

What course should an undecided student take up in college?

Honestly, I want to take courses about law but I am afraid since i learned that law school is not for faint hearted peeps like me, so... law criminal-justice law-enforcement...

Jaylen M.’s Avatar
Jaylen M. Jan 22, 2021 155 views

What's it like to be a firstyear student here?

Like I know college is hard but how will it be for someone new starting there first year and any advice going in to my first year....


Bethany P.’s Avatar
Bethany P. Feb 10, 2021 301 views

What is some advice to a new college student who has never lived alone?

I'm about to go off to college and it's very scary to think I'll be in an unfamiliar place all by myself. college-student...


Jamin H.’s Avatar
Jamin H. Feb 12, 2021 181 views

What should I expect once I get into College?

I'm a senior in high school. Now that I've been accepted to one of the colleges I applied to, is there anything I should know?...


Kysie S.’s Avatar
Kysie S. Feb 12, 2021 177 views

How to be a professional lawyer someday?

I'm a serious type of person, both my parents wants me to become a doctor someday, but i don't want too. I love watching movies about being lawyer....


Emily R.’s Avatar
Emily R. Jun 14, 2021 170 views

Looking for someone to answer a few questions I have regarding culinary arts

Hi, My name is Spencer and I am a student at Job Corps and am going for their culinary arts program. One of our assignments is to ask some questions regarding our desired career path. I was hoping someone could answer these few questions for me. 1. What steps would you recommend I take to...

career job culinary culinary-arts culinaryarts

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Kevin V. Aug 16, 2021 181 views
Sid R.’s Avatar
Sid R. Dec 01, 2021 88 views

How to get better at remembering words in English type it.

Saying words is english is easy but writing it can be hard need more practice. english...