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Posted on Feb 24, 2017

I'm gonna be graduating in year and a half now and I'm looking for a software development entry level position in a good company.

Context: I'm a Java developer and I did an internship at HCL for about 6 months, and currently I'm a pursuing MS Computer Science as a full time student. Desperately looking for a job that I can join in after graduation
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Shruthi B.’s Avatar
Shruthi B. Oct 20, 2016 503 views

How do I, as a high schooler, figure out exactly what I'm interested in career wise?

All my life, I've always wanted to go into medicine, but recently I've been having doubts as 10 years of medical school sounds daunting and expensive. I'm trying to look for more options and see if medicine truly is the path for me so I'm taking a lot of experimental classes such as computer...

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Bryan R. Oct 20, 2016 688 views

How much experience do you need to be able to work at Google?

I am asking this question, because i am very interested in working at the Google headquarters but I do not know the requirements for that job....


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Bryan R. Oct 20, 2016 604 views

How do we prepare for a job interview at Google?

I want to know how to be prepared for this kind of job. #computer-science #computer-software #interviews #google...


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Colin B. Oct 21, 2016 661 views

What made you want to do CS?

I am a high school senior who has just started to learn the Java language. I"m curious as to what made professionals want to learn Computer Science? #computer-science #computer #japan #java #python...


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Jiali C. Oct 22, 2016 641 views

How would one combat the lack of diversity in the STEM field?

Hi, I'm very interested in the tech field namely computer science. But there's not many women or people of color in the industry. I find this a bit discouraging but I'm determined to make this my career. #computer-science #computer-software #women-in-stem...


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Kaleb B. Oct 23, 2016 544 views

How much does living away from a city affect job opportunities?

I am interested in living in a suburban or rural area while working in computer science. My concern is that intuition leads me to think that most of these jobs would be in large cities. Is that accurate? How much is pay affected?...


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Bryce W. Oct 25, 2016 536 views

What are the most used computer programming languages in your work environment?

I'm curious as to what languages I would be using if I went into this field. I've learned some of the basics of Python in my AP Computer Science course at my school but that is about it. I'd like to get an edge going into college , and make sure I know the needed languages before entering the...

#stem #computer-science #computer-programming

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Jennifer B. Oct 25, 2016 624 views

How do you know if you would love a programming career?

Hi, I'm currently a student considering a major in computer science. I love programming and have done it since I was a child (literally child, started in 5th grade) but I recently applied and started working at a start-up company and have been hating it. I can't tell if this is because I am in...

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Ta'jah G. Oct 25, 2016 514 views
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Lauren S. Oct 25, 2016 660 views

What are the most challenging things in trying to engineer new products or technologies?

I am a freshman in high school; thus, I have a little while to think about my possible career paths. I have always wanted to go into the medical field until recently, when engineering caught my eye. I always see companies coming up with the newest technologies that can do extraordinary things...

#civil-engineering #mechanical-engineering #engineering #software-engineering #electrical-engineering #industrial-engineering #chemical-engineering #computer-engineering

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Darius J. Oct 25, 2016 516 views

Do computer software engineers improve applications for phones or strictly computers?

I only have a vague knowledge at the moment of what a computer software engineer typically works on and I'm curious as to if their limited to innovating on laptop and desktop computers or if they can also extend their reach to devices like cell phones and game systems as well....

#computer #computer-software #engineering

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Joseph F. Oct 26, 2016 614 views

How deep into math will I have to delve for a CS degree?

I'm ending military service and am thinking about a CS degree. I'm just worried that my sparse background in math will hinder my plans. Am I right to be worried? #computer-science...


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Joseph F. Oct 26, 2016 652 views

What's the practical difference between a Computer Science degree and a Software Engineering degree?

I'm trying to narrow down my choice for a major, and am wondering what I could expect to be the difference between the two on a practical level? Classes, job opportunities, etc. #computer-science...


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Bill T. Oct 29, 2016 434 views

Computer science

How can computer science relate to virtual reality? #computer-science #technology #gaming...


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Mark L. Oct 30, 2016 799 views

What is the best computer language to start learning?

Different colleges start programming classes with different programming language. I want to know what might be the smartest language for them to teach to help me choose the college experience that might help me the most....