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Posted on Feb 24, 2017

I'm gonna be graduating in year and a half now and I'm looking for a software development entry level position in a good company.

Context: I'm a Java developer and I did an internship at HCL for about 6 months, and currently I'm a pursuing MS Computer Science as a full time student. Desperately looking for a job that I can join in after graduation
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Alain M. Aug 19, 2013 2032 views

How to become a game designer?

First off I'd like to apologize for such a long post. Some info about me; I live in Malta (in the EU) and I am 16 years old. I am currently wondering what to take at A-level and Intermediate level to be able to achieve my dream job. So far I've registered myself for; Art and ICT A-level and;...

#game #designers

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Michael T. Sep 30, 2013 2554 views

Do I have to be good at art to work in a game company?

I think I can become a good computer programmer, but I can't really draw anything at all. Do I have to be good at art though if I want to work on video games, or can I just get really good at programming and someone else makes all the art for me to use? #art #programming...


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Jordan L. Jul 18, 2014 1733 views

Is working at a tech company just like the HBO "Silicon Valley" show?

I've always been curious about working at a startup or at a big tech company in silicon valley. I got to watch the HBO show at a friends house the other day and I thought it was ultra funny. Although I did not get some of the jokes. But is that what it is really like? Especially the part where...

#programming #tech #startups #technology #engineering

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Jonya B. Jul 18, 2014 3126 views

How can I stand out for programming jobs straight from high school?

When I graduate high school I'm going to go to college but I also want to try to get some summer or after school jobs to help pay for school. What can I do to stand out for the competition? For example does it matter if I do a team sport or other things or are my grades and programming...

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Robert M. Jul 18, 2014 1308 views

Do I need to memorize geometry and calculus for tech jobs?

Hi I'm a high school student in sactown and I need to decide what to do about my math classes. I asked a question here before about whether you use math in your job in tech and got alot of really helpful advice. Thank you for everyone who answered my question. Now I want to ask more...

#programming #tech #technology #software #math

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Millie P. Jul 19, 2014 2083 views

What are the hours like in industrial design vs. web design in tech?

I'm in high school right now and I love design. I want to work for a big company where I can learn more about design at the start. I am ready to work really hard, but I also want to know what to expect so I can try to decide what my future will be like. What are the hours like for industrial...

#industrial-design #web-design #design

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Eddie W. Jul 25, 2014 37758 views

Can someone describe a normal day working as a computer science?

I want to become a computer scientist, but I want to know what is a normal day for a computer scientist is like. Also, I want to know how does it feel to work in a big company such as Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, etc. #computer-science #computer...


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Eddie W. Jul 25, 2014 1541 views

Can someone tell me the difference between a Computer Scientist and a Computer Engineer?

The reason that I am asking this question because I thought that Computer Scientist and Computer Engineer were pretty much the same thing. If it is different, than can someone tell me the difference? #computer-science #computer #technology #computer-engineering...


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Anthony T. Oct 01, 2014 3242 views

How much money can I earn making video games?

I love games and gamers! I am thinking very seriously about getting into the video game industry and I am definitely going to go to college. I know it is really popular and competitive and I am going to work hard and look around for any opportunity. When I get out of college what kind of money...

#gaming #money #game-design #computer-games #compensation

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Ron C. Nov 07, 2014 1780 views

Programmers, which IDE do you use?

Currently I am using Sublime Text 3 although XCode can be used to edit JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Obj-C, etc.. files. I use ST3 because it is really slick and customizable. Do companies require you to use IDEs? If so, which IDE and is there a specific reason? If not, which IDE do you use? Is there...


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Michael A. Dec 16, 2014 1527 views

My current high school doesn't have programming classes ?

I had a plan in my old school to take 2 years of programming but I moved. My new school has no programming classes and I don't want to go into college with no experience in the field. I want to go into the game design field and be a programmer but I am worried that I won't know anything about...

#programming #game #game-design

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Earl S. Jan 04, 2015 2264 views

What are some good colleges to learn programming?

I have did the hour of code on and became more interested in programming. After that I have been learning the basics of programming and want it to be my career. I am a sophomore now. I need help on what will be the best schools for programming and the journey to get there. Thank you....

#programming #computer-programming #computer-science

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Earl S. Jan 08, 2015 895 views

How can I have a career in creating programs and research the latest computing theory.

I know what aspect of computer programming I want to do, but I need some help getting there. #computer-science #computer #programming...


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Earl S. Jan 11, 2015 1412 views

What is a good programming community?

I want to be in a community of programmers to help me. #computer-science #programming...


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Caroline H. Mar 26, 2015 3160 views

What are possible careers that I could go into that combines language learning/traveling with a computer science degree?

I am a high school senior, and a few months ago I found out that I had been accepted into Brown University under Early Decision. I am having trouble deciding what I would like to concentrate in because I have a passion for both language learning (possibly hoping to concentrate in International...

#career-options #college-major #languages #career-paths #computer-science

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Shaun N. Apr 09, 2015 1247 views

I want to go in to the field of game development and programming?

I am interested in programming and already do practice it. I am on school's robotics team and use a programming called robot c which is based on C programming. what steps do i need to take to do go in this field. #computer...


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Ian P. May 18, 2015 966 views

How much coding should a high schooler know?

I am a sophomore at high school and was wondering how much knowledge about coding I should know before going to college for computer programming. #high-school #computer-programming...


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Kymaal C. May 19, 2015 1177 views

Do you have to be a computer wiz or a math geek to pursue a career in video game design ?

My name is Kymaal Caldwell i am a 17 year old boy that lives in Massachusetts. I live in dorchester and i go to school at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School. I ever since i was a kid i loved video games and still to this day i love video games. Everyday video games are getting more...

#video-game-development #video-game-design

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Furqan M. May 27, 2015 889 views

What are the steps I should take to become a video game programmer?

Hi im Furqan i'm in the 10th grade and I attend Hudson High School of Learning Technology. I want to know the steps and helpful tips like summer jobs and etc. please help. #programming #careers #video-games #programmer #games...


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Aidan R. Jun 04, 2015 1795 views

What is currently the best programming language for designing videogames?

I'm in high school and really interested in game design. I'm just a little curious to know what language is the best or most used. #programming #video-games...


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Ka Tim L. Aug 03, 2015 1314 views

Programming Language

What kind of programming languages should I learn as a programmer? #software-engineering...


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Jaleel M. Oct 02, 2015 13542 views

What types of classes can I take while in high school to prepare for a computer science degree in college?

This question was asked by a sophomore in high school who is interested in establishing a basic knowledge base in computer science before they enter college. The youth of today will be entering a workforce more technologically charged than the one we are currently facing. I would like to share...

#degrees #high-school #college-major #computer #computer-engineer #computer-science

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Alex A. Oct 20, 2015 1112 views

What does the field Computer Programming need.

I am asking this because this is my favorite interest and I want to get a early start on it. #computer-science...


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Alex A. Oct 20, 2015 984 views

what degrees does a computer programmer need and why

Hi, I am in 6th grade and I was deciding that I was going to do Computer Programming so I wanted to know what degree I need. #computer-science #computer-programming...


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Muhit A. Jan 21, 2016 1107 views
Alex A.’s Avatar
Alex A. Feb 02, 2016 1294 views

What is the interview like for programming jobs?

Hello My name is Alex and I would like to know how it works...


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Javier A. Mar 01, 2016 1594 views

What are some things I should be study to become a Computer Science Engineer

Hello, I'm in 10th grade and want to be a Computer Science Engineer. I was wondering about the class and subjects I should be study for the future. What should I do? #science #engineer #computer #technology #education #help #learning...


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Alisha S. May 02, 2016 1037 views

There's too much to know about Programming....where do I start and how do I climb the ladder

How can I gain the required programming experience to climb the ladder? #computer-science #programming...


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kanika M. May 05, 2016 1556 views

what is programming?

Hi I am kanika.I am 10th std. #teaching...


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Nick P. May 05, 2016 536 views

What programming languages are used typically by companies?

I enjoy programming and have been thinking about pursuing a career in Computer Science. I have been working with Java and C++ for the last few years, creating a lot of different projects such as a game and some school tasks. But with so many different programming languages to choose from what...

#programming #computer #computer-science